August 19, 2022

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Nursing Homes: Rising Construction Costs

Nursing Homes: Rising Construction Costs

The construction costs of many projects continue to be revised upwards and the same is the case with the houses of various government officials in the Estrey region.

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Minister responsible for seniors and carers Marguerite Blais arrived on Thursday to tour the construction site of the new 120-room home.

An initial project estimated at $75 million is now approaching $80 million. She didn’t appreciate being asked about it.

“I have a lot of trouble with this question and I will explain why. If we build with the private sector, it will cost less, but it will last 30 years. We will build with the best materials to last 75 and 100 years. This is the big difference,” the minister said.

From 2021 onwards, the government has canceled several tenders to pay slightly less.

But surprisingly, the second submissions sent by the bidders a few months later were revised upwards.

As for Granby House, initial costs of $31 million rose to $36 million, a 17% increase.

In Coticook, prices also rose, rising from $32 million to $35 million, and labor shortage issues persisted.

With the creation of new spaces for seniors in Quebec, staff shortages can play a very nasty trick.

“We plan to the best of our ability to make sure it goes well. You need to take the time to properly welcome, train and plan for work that is completely different to focusing on the needs of the residents,” added the Assistant Director of Accommodation at the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center. (CIUSSS ) Estrie-CHUS, Anik Villeneuve.

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A seniors home in Sherbrooke should welcome its first residents in November 2022.

“The priority here is to create 12-person units that can work as a community and maintain their intellectual or physical strength.

That is the great thing about this project,” said Sherbrooke City Acting Mayor Rhys Kibonge.

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