September 21, 2023

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Kathy Gauthier admits her concern

Kathy Gauthier admits her concern

This happened during his participation in a recent episode of Sweet is salty Comedian Kathy Gauthier opens up to host Patrice Bélanger about her anxiety and that the subject is not taboo for her.

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Indeed, the comedian and mother shared with the host the moment she recognized her anxiety. She learned it at age 41, and she says naming something that has influenced her so much since her childhood helped her accept it.

In the interview, she admitted that she was afraid to go on the road and go under the overpass

“Now that I know, I can put it aside […] My medicine is sport. Also, talking about it really helps […] It helps make it less taboo,” she says.

Note that the sport is practiced Cathy Gauthier Helping him deal with his anxiety is boxing. An interview with Sucre Salle was filmed in a boxing training room.

Now, when it doesn’t go well, the comedian thinks, “It’s mental illness” and says to himself, “Put it aside,” she added.

“But now it’s great. I found myself when I was 25, but with 45 years of experience and maturity. […] The old mad cow is back! […] A Cathy 2.0! “, she concluded.

Cathy Gauthier is currently performing throughout Quebec.

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