August 16, 2022

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Matheson: What’s Behind ‘Five Star Human Being’?

Matheson: What's Behind 'Five Star Human Being'?

The new acquisition of the Montreal Canadiens, Mike Matheson, is a man who likes to blend in. As proof, he wasn’t even the best hockey player of his pair; His wife, Emily Matheson, boasts of winning gold with the United States at the PyeongChang Olympics.

This often earned him the derision of his former coach, Jeff York, who was responsible for his development during his three years in the NCAA with Boston College.

Corroborating Hockey Man on the phone during an interview with, I often remind him of this fact to get him off the hook. Making friends comes naturally to him. His family instilled this quality in him and he has been developing it over the years since midget hockey.

“Mike is part of a team. It was never about Michael. He doesn’t have to be the first player online. He blends in with the group from day one.

So his former agent, now Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes, hinted when he called Matheson a “five-star” human being. Because when you take a closer look, Matheson is much more than a hockey player.

After all, he abandoned his studies in psychology before going professional from Boston College before his fourth year of university. He pursued his ambitions to complete his master’s degree, even as he tried to establish himself in the world’s best league.

“He’s a young man with an interesting perspective on the whole world, on all aspects of society. He’s not just a hockey player,” said his former coach.

Elite kick

Well, Matheson isn’t trying to attract reflectors to him; However, a hockey fan can’t…

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