August 12, 2022

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We really have Pee-wee preferences…

We really have Pee-wee preferences…

Prime Minister Trudeau still makes headlines for his tours.

On the one hand, he was blamed for taking vacations; On the other hand, a small business is attacked because it receives its visit.

Big stake!

As the English say: First World Problems !

When the Prime Minister is unhappy with a personal (and well-deserved) holiday, it’s a sign that we truly live in a nation of privileged people.

A Prime Minister cannot travel without travel expenses and security expenses. So let’s say leaders in any G7 country don’t rest and need security.

This tendency to lash out at peccadilloes irritates me to the highest degree.

We want to be the best country in the world, but we have pee-wee priorities.

Canada is one of the richest economies in the world.

Do we really lose energy with PM holidays? What do we look like? From a group of jealous people. And that’s it.

When we don’t care about the consequences

And then, this story about the Lone Oak microbrewery in Prince Edward Island, which drew flak on social networks for the Prime Minister’s visit.

But what kind of fool’s world do we live in if we harm the entrepreneurs who put their lives on the line just because they have the privilege of visiting the Prime Minister?

Can someone explain to me what Justin Trudeau is changing in his personal life through business?

What outrage have you incurred that deserves to tarnish the company’s reputation without asking for anything? How can these attacks help to settle anything in politics?

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You complain that you live in a banana republic, but you act like macaques!