August 16, 2022

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Actor Dev Patel steps in to end the sword fight

Actor Dev Patel steps in to end the sword fight

After witnessing a knife fight outside a grocery store in Adelaide, Australia, Dev Patel stepped in to end it.

In a statement VariousA spokesperson for the Slumdog Millionaire star has confirmed reports that the actor was on the scene when a knife fight broke out in Adelaide and intervened.

Monday, 7 news A man and a woman were arguing outside a grocery store in an Australian city when the woman stabbed the man in the chest.

The wounded must live.

“We can confirm that last night in Adelaide, Dev Patel and his friends already witnessed a violent altercation outside a grocery store,” a spokesperson for Dev Patel told Variety.

“Dev acted on his natural instinct to defuse the situation and end the fight. The crowd luckily made it and stayed behind to watch for the police and ambulance to arrive. »

“There are no heroes in this situation and unfortunately, this particular incident highlights a larger systemic problem of marginalized members of society who are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve… hope is the same. The media attention the story is getting (because of Dev’s involvement as a celebrity) judges. It can be a catalyst to show some compassion, determine long-term solutions to help not only the individuals involved, but society as a whole. »

Rumors that Dev Patel has moved permanently to Adelaide with his girlfriend Tilda Cobham-Hervey have not been confirmed.

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