August 19, 2022

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Charest goes after Poilievre

Charest goes after Poilievre

In Wednesday’s debate, Jean Charest took advantage of his main rival’s absence from the leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party to attack him.

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Former Quebec premier Jean Charest soon took aim at Pierre Poilivre, who refused an offer to re-stab, even though party rules required him to pay a $50,000 fine.

“For a candidate in a party leadership race, not participating in the debate is like a fish refusing to swim in the ocean,” Mr. Charest said in the first minute of his first act.

His Twitter account posted a spoof in the form of a website called “” (where is Pierre?) when the debate began.

Remember that 65% of party members supported the clash between candidates this evening.

Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates Scott Aitchison and Jean Charest chat quietly before Wednesday night's debate.

Photo by QMI Agency, Marc DesRosiers

Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates Scott Aitchison and Jean Charest chat quietly before Wednesday night’s debate.

Without an audience and around the table, Mr. Charest, Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber answered in English and then French in two 45-minute segments.

Poilivre doesn’t care

Meanwhile, at a rally in Regina, Saskatchewan, Pierre Poilivre taunted his opponents gathered around a “card table” in Ottawa.

Candidate Leslyn Lewis, known for her conservative social positions, particularly against abortion, was also conspicuous by her absence.

She didn’t show up, because abortion wasn’t on the menu, sure.

With the exception of Jean Charest, the candidates in attendance kept their vigil for Justin Trudeau, preferring not to attack each other or take aim at the race’s favorite, Mr. Poilivre.

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His future is unclear

First questioned by Scott Aitchison, journalists, Mr. Charest remains ambiguous, suggesting that his only plan at this point is to win the race and become prime minister. Minister

“I will win the leadership race. This is my deep conviction and I invite you to be careful. This is not the first time that people have said that there will be results. I’ve lived with this my whole life,” he said in the post-debate press scrum.

However, the road for Mr. Charest is difficult at this stage.

Figures released this week by the CCP show that Mr. Poilievre raised more funds in the second quarter than any of his rivals combined.

However, he can console himself by saying that almost three-quarters of party members who are eligible to vote have still not done so. As of Wednesday, nearly 150,000 Conservative members had returned their ballots by mail.

Environment and Inflation

Despite the low profile of this latest event, there have been serious conversations about the environment, airport congestion and inflation. However, no new position has attracted attention.

Roman Babar

Photo by QMI Agency, Marc DesRosiers

Roman Babar

True to form, Roman Babur attacked the idea of ​​protecting the environment and making Canada a “natural resource superpower.”

About 678,000 members of the CCP will know their next leader on September 10.