October 3, 2023

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Daher Aerospace Canada | Recruited, organized… and fired

Daher Aerospace Canada |  Recruited, organized… and fired

A French aircraft manufacturer’s logistics subsidiary will close its doors at the end of the year in the absence of new contracts. The closing comes two years after he arrived in Montreal.

Posted yesterday at 5:00 am

Andre Dubuque

Andre Dubuque

Daher Aerospace Canada, the logistics subsidiary of French aircraft manufacturer Kodiak and TBM, recently announced that it has laid off several workers at its facilities on MacArthur Street in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal.

“Daher Aerospace Canada is at the end of its contract. Operations will be down until Dec. 31. The company is working on other contracts. That’s why it’s continuing with the mass layoff,” Christian Bilodeau, business agent for members of the machinist union at Daher Aerospace Canada, said by phone.

The company did not return calls Press.

The logistics division opened its doors in the Montreal area just two years ago. In June 2021, a major recruitment campaign was launched with the aim of recruiting another 100 employees.

This initiative is the subject of an advertisement in the newspaper Subway At that time. We learned that Daher Aerospace Canada, which opened a logistics center in 2020, has quickly hired 100 people. The Centre’s mandate is to adopt, manage and maintain quality assurance of aeronautical components for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). According to the company, this is a recurring challenge among airlines and manufacturers.

The origins of the family business date back to 1863. Daher will be in 7th positione Generally an aircraft manufacturer and business aviation, according to its website. It also has an aeronautical equipment and systems division that works as a subcontractor to Airbus, Eurocopter, Boeing and Bombardier. In 2021, the company headquartered in Orly will have worldwide revenues of 1.1 billion euros (about 1.45 billion Canadian dollars). The company is active in 13 countries.

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A request for union certification for Daher Aérospatiale Canada employees in Saint-Laurent from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Local Section 712, was filed in February 2021. The first employment contract is effective from July 2021.

The union has up to 150 members at Daher Aerospace Canada in Saint-Laurent.

Today, I don’t think there are 121 left as we speak. We hope Daher wins new contracts.

Christian Bilodeau, Daher Aerospace is the business agent for members of the Machinists Union of Canada

Departures are erratic from August 12 to mid-December.

Employees are given retention bonuses for completing the contract. “Many of the affected workers will move quickly to other areas due to the dire labor shortage. It will not be difficult to keep people,” the trade unionist claimed.

In collaboration with William Leclerc, Press