September 23, 2023

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Nathalie Simard has denied false reports about her

Nathalie Simard has denied false reports about her

Nathalie Simard wants to set the record straight after her identity was used for fraudulent scams.

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Earlier this week, the singer, on vacation, came out of her hiatus from social networks to address her many subscribers and call for vigilance.

Like many other artists, his identity and notoriety were used by malicious people to sell so-called “miracle” weight loss products.

“There are people who have zero benevolence who use my notoriety, my public figure to sell weight loss products, appetite suppressants. This is wrong! It’s not true!”, she recalled repeating herself in frustration. Simpliment Bain with Nathalie Simard in his magazineThere is no miracle product for weight loss.

“I want to warn you not to believe the diet pills I took to lose weight. I repeat, I had bariatric surgery 3 years and a few months ago. That’s why I lost 105 pounds, not because I was taking pills and appetite suppressants. It doesn’t exist, don’t let yourself be taken in,” she added, recalling that she would never associate with these types of products.

Watch his full video right here:

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In the past, many other artists liked it Michael Charette, Debbie Lynch-White, Laurent Paquin, Phil Roy And Ariane MoffatTo name a few, he took the platform to warn people.

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