August 16, 2022

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CAQ is the Alliance Télé Québécois?

CAQ is the Alliance Télé Québécois?

Caroline Proulx, Nathalie Roy, Francois Paradis, Cariane Bourassa, Caroline Saint-Hilaire, Mathieu Lacombe, Pascale Dery, Bernard Drainville and Martin Biron.

There is no precedent for a political establishment that has attracted so many media personalities. And none other than CAQ who have made image and communication their trademark.

Faced with this scrutiny, politicians and journalists alternately emphasize their unease. But that sounds like a bad inquiry to me.

If these media personalities want to throw themselves into their political establishment, I have no doubt that the restlessness of these politicians will quickly dissipate. They are very proud of it and display these candidates everywhere: “Look, we attract big names! »…

A media party?

Now the question everyone is asking: Is the media really kind to the CAQ? Will there be a “media party” in Quebec whose representative is the CAQ?

The answer is no.

It’s the opposite: 4 years of opposition to CAQ, it’s mainly the media, it’s not a disaster. This is a sign of a healthy democracy. Many journalistic investigations and hard histories on the government – CAQ too nationalist, CAQ not nationalist enough, etc. – Published since 2018.

In short, this political formation never benefited from any special favorable treatment. And if we return to Martin Biron, now: Did she issue a media apology for the CAQ? No one suspected her of the camouflaged “caquisme”. Instead, they praised his rigor and honesty.

His latest analysis also denounces the arrogance, big-heads and “goofballs” of the government. Not exactly a gateway to CAQ.

That is why his candidacy is not bad. She will have to defend her new pro-third link convictions, a regressive and electoral project in her own words, rather than her legitimacy to serve.

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Speaking of electioneering, it is absurd to read Eric Duhaime lamenting the media distrust that has built his political career through this candidacy.

And one particular medium in Quebec benefits more than any other party from the passionate love of Radio X.

Chances are that irony won’t kill political life.