September 27, 2023

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Scorching heat: a temporary relief

Scorching heat: a temporary relief

The weekend heat is on the radar. A humidex of 40 or higher is forecast for many parts of southern Quebec.

The situation will change at the beginning of the week as the cold front passes. This promotes a shift in air masses, opening the door to a cooler north of the continent. After a particularly oppressive weekend, this change provides a welcome respite. Mercury returns to seasonal normal.

Humidity will also decrease in the coming week. Perceived temperatures return to more comfortable horizons, slightly higher than the real mercury.

Re-enacts from heat

However, this trend may not continue. From the third week of the month, stinging heat may return with renewed vigor. Warm air, planted firmly in the center of the United States, moves slightly eastward, encouraging heat to rise over Quebec. Temperatures are likely to rise again.

Generally, August is the hottest month of summer. On an average, about three days will experience mercury of 30°C or more and August 2022 is likely to cross this mark.

Long term 3

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