December 9, 2023

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Marie-Chantal Taupin has major toilet problems due to the rain

Marie-Chantal Taupin has major toilet problems due to the rain

We were treated to overnight rain from Monday to Tuesday and that was good, but not for everyone.

We haven’t heard from Marie-Chantal Taupin in a while and we’re starting to think her date slipped between friends. Don’t worry, everything is fine. There was a problem with the toilet in his trailer.

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The singer posted a video on Facebook where she described her toilet as “flowing like Niagara” from the rain outside.

As Marie-Chantal says “check it, check it, check it”.

At the end of her tether, she said she turned off all water sources in her caster, but the toilet was still running. She adds destiny Flush Every 5 minutes.

She asks her subscribers for help in hopes that someone will solve her problem and she can go to bed.

Marie-Chantal Taupin finally solved her problem by changing her toilet the next day. We’d like to recommend a plumber or someone who knows one, but we don’t have time to fool around with her.

She also said that she now has to wear high heels when she goes to relieve herself because her toilet is too high.


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