December 4, 2023

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98.5 FM | Luc Ferrandez after Bernard Drainville

98.5 FM |  Luc Ferrandez after Bernard Drainville

The host and former politician leads a weekday radio program on 98.5 FM.

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Luke Boulanger

Luke Boulanger

Certainly, the airwaves between politics and journalism are fine in Quebec. After three years as Paul Arcand’s commissioner at the microphone, Luc Ferrandez will become the Montreal station’s star host starting August 22, it was announced. Press. The former mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal will be in charge Without reservationA new program covering the week’s news from noon to 3pm on 98.5 FM.

“My superiors at Cogeco have already asked me to animate, to replace during holidays or vacations, Luc Ferrandez said in an interview. However, I always refuse. Because I like to go very deep into a subject and express my opinion. I often say that opportunity steals. »

Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press Archives

Bernard Drainville, 98.5 FM at the microphone in 2017

On this occasion, Bernard Drainville resigned on 2 June, returning to politics and standing for election under the CAQ colours. The end Drainville PM, The most listened to program on the radio at noon.

In its continuationWithout reservation A radio conference for opinion lovers. Its host is noted for his outspokenness. Ferrandez continues to take a stand on social issues close to his heart, such as the environment and urban planning.

“But I don’t have the anger button stuck forever,” he said. It’s fine to be angry at injustices, but you need to identify the problems and find solutions. Certain topics, such as health and social services, should be approached more calmly. calmly »

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An extension of political life

For Luc Ferrandez, talk radio is a simple extension of his political commitment. He explains the atoms between his old and his new profession due to the fact that his actors consume the news. Seriously. At every moment of the day. An interest in public affairs, along with a desire to contribute to the social debate that animates both circles, he explains.

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, The Press

Luke Ferrandez

What will his performance be like?

The host wants to deliver “intelligent and entertaining content,” surrounded by contributors capable of both. In his team, we hear the voices of Meeker Guerrier (Novo, RDS). “Meeker can talk to us about sports with a social dimension,” Ferrandez said. We also find columnist Christian Page and investigative journalist Marie-Eve Tremblay. It exposes the behind the scenes of social problems. Finally, Ferrandez retained narrator Luc Lavoie. “He reads current events completely contrary to mine,” says the new host, who loves tough debates.

Rocky Beginnings

“Luc Ferrandez was a polemicist, a man of the left, but not a theorist,” said his colleague Paul Arcand. The king of the airwaves saw Ferrandez’s potential on the radio long before Ferrandez left Project Montreal.

In interviews at the time, I found out [que Luc Ferrandez] He has an extraordinary ability to communicate with people. One day, I went to eat with him to gauge his interest in the commission. The rest belong to my masters.

Paul Arcand

Paul Arcand remembers Ferrandez’s debut Because you have to get up, in August 2019. To use an understatement, his collaborator was not unanimous… “This is sheer hostility! “I never expected to see such an uproar,” said Arcand. But Luke works hard to overcome challenges. He has earned the respect of many listeners over time. »

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A two-year contract

During her first appearance on the 98.5 Morning Show, Ferrandez recalled receiving 600 hate messages within 48 hours! What does he expect with his appointment announcement this morning?

“I think it will stay the same,” Ferrandez replies. I have not changed my speech one bit. I don’t do radio to make everyone think like me. It’s natural that people don’t like me. And big angst with social networks has become the modus operandi of our time,” said the host, who signed a two-year deal with Cogeco.

But the former politician has become stronger. And he can weather storms. Beyond his talents as a communicator and popularizer, Paul Arcand got to know the man. “Luke was a very funny guy, very self-deprecating,” he said.

At 60, Ferrandez has put politics behind him. These days, though, anything is possible. However, as he evolves in the public sphere, he is attracted by the light. “I have a deep faith in the peaceful nature of Quebecers,” said the host, quoting the words of a famous Charlebois song (written by Pierre Bourgault). “Because here in Quebec, everything starts with a Q and ends with a nose. »

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