December 10, 2023

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Guylaine Guay’s book Making Waves: Many Stars Respond

Guylaine Guay's book Making Waves: Many Stars Respond

After the publication of his book, Gloria breaks out of the moldGuylaine Guay suggests in a video that she receives messages from women who agree that their children should not read her book ” interfere with their offspring’s healthy eating habits “.

Naturally, the author was outraged by these inappropriate comments. “ It’s probably just a little bit for the rest of you, ladies, because I wrote this book. Body diversity, self acceptance….go get it ma’am! “, she said.

Many stars who loudly denounce grossophobia, responded to this publication of Guylaine Guay.

Melissa Bedard, among others, writes: Ahhhhhhhh I think Karma 😂 My next dream 😂 I love you Guillou ♥️”. Remember that the singer recently quit her social networks, precisely in protest against inappropriate comments about her weight. We are back with her this week. Here’s what she told us about it.

Comedian Melanie Couture also spoke. “ Despite their good intentions it is a 🚩😢. I want their offspring to slip into the school library “, she said.

People among the people also rose in large numbers against the narrow mindedness of women mentioned by the author.

See Guylaine Guay’s message below.

the book Gloria breaks out of the mold Available at all good bookstores for $19.95.

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