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Cyberattack at BRP | Dealers are also getting headaches

Cyberattack at BRP |  Dealers are also getting headaches

BRP dealers were also hit by the cyber attack because the company still hasn’t restored the computer portal that allows them to order parts for snowmobiles, personal watercraft and ATVs and schedule deliveries to their customers. These retailers still don’t know when the situation will return to normal.

Posted yesterday at 5:00 am

Julien Arsenault

Julien Arsenault

“It’s a little less funny,” said Simon Constantino, vice-president of the dealership F. Constantino in Mont-Laurier. Everyone understands, but there, without being dissatisfied, it has to start again. »

The portal is essential to the proper functioning of business relationships between Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am’s vehicle manufacturers as well as dealers. In particular, it gives them access to an order management system and allows them to order parts.

On Tuesday, a conspicuous message on the portal’s home page warned that the platform’s “functionalities” were “limited”.

“We don’t even know if the parts we want to order for the customer are in stock at BRP,” said Virgin Jolicoeur, group content communications director who manages five dealerships (Laval, Mirabel, Saint-Agathe, Belol and Vaudreuil). “We are blocked. I have also seen dealers reach out to others for help. »

Delayed deliveries

The disruption of the IT portal has extended the waiting time for customers for their recent purchase. High demand for snowmobiles, personal watercraft, ATVs and two-seat UTVs, combined with difficulty obtaining some parts, is forcing dealers to complete vehicles in their workshops now due to missing gauges and other electronic parts.

M said that the vehicles have been kept aside and they are waiting for the missing parts not knowing when they will arriveme Sweet heart. This is our reality now.

Virginie Jolicoeur, Director of Communications at Group Content

As delivery times extend, some customers still waiting for a personal watercraft decide to skip it, resulting in cancellations.

“The order was placed last February and the customer called to say their personal watercraft would be delivered in September,” explained Mr. Constantino. We have had some cancellations. Yes, we will resell personal watercraft, but we will have to adjust. It may not be this year. No one needs to spend $20,000 to buy a personal watercraft and put it away for the winter. »

No deadline

Despite the tune-ups offered by BRP, dealers interviewed Press, Tuesday, it is not known when the portal will be functional. Without addressing the blame to multinational companies, traders believe their turn has come.

“They prioritized their factory workers at home, we understand that,” Mr. Constantino said. They said that they are coming for us. We can only cross our fingers. »

For its part, BRP confirms that its dealers are “aware” of the “progress” made “on a regular basis,” spokeswoman Melanie Montplaisir underlined in an email. The goal is to reconnect with normalcy as quickly as possible.

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