June 3, 2023

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French-speaking African students refused in some CEGEPs

French-speaking African students refused in some CEGEPs

Visa denials to French-speaking foreign students are on the rise. Of the 454 students from French-speaking Africa, only 71 were accepted, a major challenge for colleges.

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Elected block members and four CEGEPs in the region are raising their voices. They held a public outing this morning and condemned the massive denial of visas to French-speaking foreign students from Africa.

These students are very important to colleges. Four CEGEPs in the region are facing a stalemate as visa refusals to French-speaking foreign students increase. “This is a major problem for colleges,” explains André Goebel, director general of Segep de Chicoutimi.

This year, 454 students from French-speaking Africa applied to study in the region. Only 71 were approved. “It’s disappointing. Cégep de Jonquière is open to the world. There are threats to not start programs when there are not enough students,” confirmed Reynold Thibeault, director general of Cégep de Jonquière.

For the elected bloc members in the region, there is no sense in the government delaying their arrival. “Students are going to create a social circle, they are going to speak French, they are going to do a diploma. Some employers have young people waiting for their documents. They’re on another planet in Ottawa,” said Bloc Québécois MP Alexis Brunel-Ducep at the federal level.

School principals hope the message will reach the House of Commons.

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