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“Good ride” for Pascal Berube | St-Pierre Plamondon accused Legault of being “two of two”.

"Good ride" for Pascal Berube |  St-Pierre Plamondon accused Legault of being "two of two".

(Otterburn Park) Paul St-Pierre Plamondon accused François Legault of “two out of two” after “this lady there” to give a “good ride” to Pascal Bérubé of CAQ Maton-Matapedia. According to him, the CAQ leader contributes to the deterioration of the political environment.

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Funny Levesque

Funny Levesque

Charles Lecavalier

Charles Lecavalier

“Francois Legault, it’s two in two days: two days, two arrogant comments. And it remains to be seen if he can keep up the pace. Continues,” the Parti Québécois leader was not selected next to a statement on the status of bilingual cities. “There are no coincidences in life. In my first speech of this campaign, I said, ‘CAQ is an arrogant party'”, he added.

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon responded to the comments of Francois Legault during a stopover in Rivière-du-Loup on Monday. Upon his arrival, he launched his candidacy in Matane-Matapedia: “So, we give him a good ride to our friend Pascal? OK! He will be surprised! The announcement came a day after the CAQ leader’s first blunder after “that woman” refused to give her name when she called Liberal Party of Quebec leader Dominique Anglade.

The PQ leader went further and blamed François Legault for the deterioration and polarization of the political climate. “All topics are subject to polarization, which demands a good debate on the future. We, we say to ourselves: there are difficult, sensitive issues, but we cannot prevent ourselves from talking about one thing. […]But, maybe I make mistakes, but the goal is not to wrinkle anyone, not to call anyone je-ne-sais-quoi,” he explained.

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon answers questions about increasing security around leaders of political parties.

Arrogant arrogance, despised by QS

Vincent Marissal, outgoing deputy and candidate in Rosemont, with Gabrielle Nadeau-Dubois at a meeting with Maisonnave-Rosemont hospital employees. He decried the “developing arrogance at the CAQ” at the press scrum.

“It’s unfortunate that when a party has so many representatives, so much power, it rubs off on a kind of arrogance that often happens in our political system. People here will not accept that,” he said.

In his opinion, CAQ leader François Legault is a “multi-recidivist of nonsense”, he said, looking over Mr Legault’s shoulders as Minister Sonia Lebel herself admitted “he got himself into trouble by talking”. About the lady”. “When your own world reads in you at your party body language And know you just said a piece of nonsense, damn it”, he began. “I’m not sure it was accidental. I think he did it on purpose,” he added.

“He starts his speeches by saying I’m an apologist. Then he apologizes with nonsense. […] We don’t apologize, we care,” added Mr Marissall.

The former journalist and political columnist can’t remember ever “hearing this kind of voice”. “This is not about the Prime Minister. It’s on repeat. He knew Dominique Anglade, with whom he founded the CAQ. Not that he forgot his name anyway,” he added.

In his opinion, the antidote to CAQ arrogance is the reform of the voting system, which Mr. Legault “rejected” despite his signature. He believes the lack of interest in the CAQ in Montreal and in the east of the island could prevent the election of more CAQ MPs in the sector. The brook will not yield”.

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