December 6, 2023

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Immigration: Legault likes to keep Quebec “small country” in size

Immigration: Legault likes to keep Quebec "small country" in size

GATINEAU | François Legault wants Quebec’s population to be comparable to “small countries” like Switzerland, rather than Justin Trudeau increasing immigration to “severe” levels in the rest of Canada.

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“It is important to provide a quality of life for the people who live in Quebec. So reaching 10, 20, 30 million people in Quebec is not a goal,” said Alliance leader Avenir Quebec when questioned on the matter Monday.

“We are 8.6 million residents, which I think is the size, the single size, that allows us to have quality services. And I think like many other small states around the world, we don’t have to keep up with the rest of Canada, which is unusual,” he said.

50,000 per annum for four years

In the last few hours, Parti Québécois promises to lower immigration thresholds to 35,000However The Liberals want to continue welcoming 70,000 newcomers a yearAs was the case last year due to the catch-up due to the pandemic.

Towards Quebec Solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois puts his range at between 60,000 and 80,000 migrants a year.Sunday evening, during a special telecast on RDI.

“How is he going to stop French decline with 80,000 immigrants a year? I’ll be very interested in his answer, unless he tells us that French decline is not important to him,” commented Chief Caquist.

“We think this maximum capacity is 50,000,” reiterated Francois Legault, who, if re-elected, does not plan to fly in the next term.

“It won’t move, Mr. Legault warned. We must stop the decline of the French before we ask the question again.

Survival is a problem

Every time the matter has been brought up since the start of the election campaign, the head of the CAQ has said that, all things considered, Quebec already receives, “every year more immigrants than the United States or France, all things considered”.

For the CAQ leader, doing more threatens the nation of Quebec. Last May, François Legault turned it into a survival issue.

The outgoing prime minister also wants Quebec to retain all seats in the House of Commons, even if Quebec’s population weight is reduced relative to other provinces in the future.

“Quebec is a country, Mr. Legault recalled. We talked about a special society. We are one of the two founding peoples. Yes, I think we should have some weight inside the House of Commons”, he hammered.

“It is important to understand that the nation of Quebec is not just a movement from time to time to protect this country, which has only one official language, French.”

In the rest of Canada, the record immigration predicted by Justin Trudeau will cause problems, according to Mr. Legault.

“Canada is really going to extremes, receiving too much [d’immigrants]Then it will pose – then I have already discussed with my colleagues from other provinces – the challenges of integration,” he said.

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