October 5, 2022

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Bosch oven does not turn on: causes and what to do?

Samsung brand ovens can last much longer than the warranty period without interruption. Over time, technical problems related to power on and operation arise. Owners are very concerned about one of them when the Samsung oven does not turn on. The reasons for this can be simple – from problems in the electrical system to improperly pressed control buttons. They are easy to fix on your own. But complex technical issues can also arise – control module firmware failure, burned-out boards, thermal protection failures and others. It is advisable to entrust the elimination of such breakdowns to a specialist, calling Samsung oven repair in Calgary. Contacting the master of the corresponding technical specialization from the service center is also a quick solution to the problem.

Samsung Oven Diagnostics

A Samsung oven may not turn on due to careless handling, technical problems, or poor plumbing conditions. Accurate diagnostics can help identify both the problem and its cause. For this purpose, owners of appliances can pay attention to some symptoms:

  • when plugged in, the indicator lights do not light up, and no cooking mode works;
  • the oven does not always turn on;
  • the appliance switches off when the start button is turned on;
  • the oven switches on, but the heating elements remain cold or slightly warm;
  • the oven switches on for a few seconds and then goes off immediately;
  • the oven only turns on in one or two modes; it does not turn on in the other modes.

All modern modifications of the Samsung brand have diagnostic programs installed in the electronic module. They provide error codes if the Samsung oven does not turn on. These signals are transmitted to the display of the control panel of the unit. To understand their meanings, it is necessary to have a technical education of appropriate qualifications. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends contacting an oven repair specialist.

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Why won’t my Samsung oven turn on?

Restoring oven performance depends on pinpointing the exact cause. Often there is more than one, as one failure can affect the functionality of other oven modules. Before contacting a service center, the owner is advised to carefully assess the operation of the oven – this will help to identify causes not related to technical problems. These can be:

  • problems in the power supply network – voltage drop, decrease in current strength, lack of electricity in the outlet;
  • problems with the plug – oxidation of the contacts, breakage of the contact connection, short circuit;
  • breakage of the electrical cord;
  • Incorrectly selected cooking mode.

If these reasons were not found, you should seek help at the service center. Most likely, the Samsung oven cannot turn on due to technical malfunctions. You can identify them with special tools. And these reasons are often:

  1. The thermal fuse has tripped – it protects the oven from overheating during prolonged cooking. If the temperature of the burners becomes critical, the fuse blocks the flow of electricity. The oven will then turn off.
  2. Broken internal wiring – a burnout or short circuit in even a small section of wiring can put it out of service.
  3. Damage to the heating elements is the most painful cause. Heating elements in Samsung ovens are notable for their endurance. But if you select intensive modes with high temperatures, they can burn out. Cracks and strong heat can damage their body.
  4. Oxidation of the contacts on the heating element is another common cause.
  5. The electronic heating relay board – it is responsible for maintaining the temperature set in a certain mode. If the board is burned out, the options to turn it off and on will be inactive.
  6. Problems with the heat relay itself – burnout or mechanical damage to the winding.
  7. Problems with the control module – failure in the firmware, oxidation of the boards, failure of chips and microcircuits.
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