June 3, 2023

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In Transparent, Valerie Carpentier opens up about her substance abuse issues

In Transparent, Valerie Carpentier opens up about her substance abuse issues

Valerie Carpentier showed so much transparency and vulnerability that she decided to talk about the issue of consumption.

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Over the past few hours, the singer has chosen to open up to her followers about what she is going through in her personal life.

On Instagram, she indicated that she was struggling with addiction issues, hoping that speaking out would help people feel less alone.

In a string of articles, permanently available on her profile, the first winner speech He stated that he wanted to end his addiction problems once and for all. Knowing it was a “difficult” decision, she considers it, by her own admission, the best decision she’s ever made in her life, as the side effects of her use have ruined her life for years.

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She claimed that this was her move Big Brother Celebrities, in January, this was the trigger for his awareness. Keep in mind that the 28-year-old ventured out of her own accord a few weeks later.

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Valerie also admits that this isn’t the first time she’s tried to get sober, but this time she’s a firm believer.

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On Monday, she delivered news following her speech weekend, He claims to have regained his “desire to do things”.

We tip our hat to Valerie for her great vulnerability and courage, and wish her all the best in the process.

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