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That’s how I love you Won 10th statue in Best Drama Series category.

Véronique Cloutier wowed the crowd by flying towards the ceiling during the opening number of the 37th Gala des Prix Gémeaux on Sunday evening.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Maryse Boyce

  • Live from the universe Winning the Audience Award for its 13th season, it has already been crowned in the Best Variety Series or Performing Arts category for a total of four distinctions.

  • Jean-René Dufort received the statuette for Best Animation: Comedy for the year-end performance Infoman 2021. This is the fifth trophy for the team.

  • That’s how I love you Won the statuette for Best Drama Series. The show topped the Gemini Awards with ten specials.

  • The main surprise: it’s a series We are It won honors in the Best Annual Drama Series category, dethroning the cop series District 31.

  • For 7e For a consecutive year, Sebastian Diaz and Bianca Gervais won the Gémeaux Prize for Best Animation in a Service Magazine for the 8th season Family size.

  • Presenter Pierre Bruno received a standing ovation at 37e Gemini Awards Gala.

  • Trophies for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy will go to Florence Longpre and Denis Bouchard for their roles. Audrey is backIt won five awards.

  • Our coverage of the 37th Gémeaux Awards Gala has come to an end. The evening continues at ICI ARTV with an after-gala hosted by Jean-Sebastien Girard and Isabelle Racicot.

  • Quebec television viewers have spoken: This Live from the universe It won the Kogeko Fund Audience Award for its 13th season, having already been crowned Best Variety or Performing Arts Series. The prize was announced by Jean-Sebastien Girard and Isabelle Racicot, who will lead the after-gala at ICI Artive.

    France Beaudoin presents artists on the set of En Directe de l'Univers.

    France Beaudoin and her performance stood out among the 20 finalists.

    Photo: Attraction / Eric Maire

  • The Gemini Award for Best Male Lead in a Drama Series went to Luke Picard, who played ethics professor Denis Theberge. One way ticket.

    A smiling man wears a hat.

    Luke Picard

    Photo: Karine Dufour

  • Sandrine Bisson slips into the skin of Elisabeth, a widow who inherits a farm despite herself in the series. raspberry time, Won the Best Female Lead: Drama Series category.

    A woman looks up at the sky.

    Actress Sandrine Bisson in “The Time of Raspberries.”

    Photo: Lou Scamble

  • Marina Orsini won the trophy for Best Female Lead in: The Annual Drama Series for her role, Anemone Leduc, who must learn to live with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Another story.

    Marina Orsini in a scene from another story.

    Marina Orsini as Anemone

    Photo: Sphere Media

  • Guy Jodoin won the annual Gamex Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Marc-André Bonnenfont in the detective series. Warnings. The actor was up against two of his acting co-stars Danny Gilmour and Frédéric Pierre, as well as Emile Proux-Cloutier and Roy Dupuis in the series.

    A smiling man on a children's TV set.

    Guy Jodoin

    Photo: Fair Play

  • Thursday night’s superhero Jean-René Dufort took home the statuette for best animation: comedy for the year-end show. Infoman 2021.

    Chantal Lamarre and Jean-René Dufort discuss in an old restaurant.

    Chantal Lamarre and Jean-René Dufort at the “Infoman 2021” event

    Photo: Region 3

    This is the fourth trophy for the special, which also won this year’s award for Best Comedy Special, Best Research and Best Editing (Comedy, Variety, All Categories).

    A team ofInfoman It also won Best Comedy Series for its 22nd season.

    Jean-René Dufort and Chantal Lamarre from London to cover Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday.

  • Distinction for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Program or Series Made for Digital Media: Rosalie Vaillancourt and her role as Allison in a comedy series Completely high school. She is also the creator of the show with Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais.

    The category is gender-neutral, a first in Gemini’s long history. When I auditioned at the School of Humor, a guy looked me up and said to me: “There are no auditions for Degrassi here”. This is where I got the idea Completely high school. So, thanks for that ass!Rosalie Vaillancourt opened by accepting her award on stage.

    Two women and one man in the role of teenagers.

    From left to right, Ashley Winterbottom (Katherine Levack), Brian (Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais) and Allison Thompson (Rosalie Vaillancourt) in the series “Completely Lycee.”

    Photo: Nuovo/Bell Media

  • After his companions Rita Baga, Mona de Grenoble and Barbada number, it Queen of Season 3 of Canada’s Drag RaceGiselle LullabyIt won France Beaudoin the Gémeaux Prize for Best Animation: Variety Series or Special. New Year’s Day LiveIt featured Anne-Elisabeth Bosse, Michel Rivard, Stéphane Rousseau and Dave Morissette.

    Many are singing as confetti falls on them on a TV set.

    Many artistic figures participated in the “Live du jour de l’An” program, notably Patsy Gallant and Marie-Maie.

    Photo: Eric Maire

    The show also won the Best Variety or Performing Arts Special Trophy. Live from the universe It won top honors in the Best Variety Series or Performing Arts category.

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