September 23, 2023

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Carried Away by the Waves: A Survivor of Alma Describes His Misfortune

Carried Away by the Waves: A Survivor of Alma Describes His Misfortune

It’s hard to believe that the man who was swept away by the waves when the culvert collapsed on rue Ulysse in Alma last week is still alive today.

“It’s a miracle I got out of there alive,” rocker Andre Caron said bluntly in an interview with TVA Nouvelles on Tuesday.

He said that he did not see that the culvert was washed away and that he fell into the flood channel and could not stop. “I tried to brake, but it was raining on the gravel road. I wanted to do miracles, but it was impossible,” he recalled.

It is not known whether the motorist lost consciousness after the collision, but at least he lost time. “When I came back, I could feel the water rising up to the windows and my truck rocking like a boat.”

The man got out of the back window of his truck. At this point, another motorist also fell into the waves, Jean Dufour, asking if you were okay.

“Just then the second wave came and I fell out of my truck. I gave everything to reach the shore. Mr. Dufour’s truck took off, [donc] I never saw it again and I never heard it again,” explained rocker Andre Caron.

The body of Mr Dufour, 61, was finally recovered four kilometers from the culvert the day after the tragedy.

“Throughout the investigation, I had a little hope that he was still alive because he talked to me and his window was open,” Mr Caron lamented.

Watch his full interview in the video below.

Mr. Caron said he was disappointed by the city of Alma’s attitude, admitting Monday evening that a mistake was made when repairing the culvert last spring.

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“I get angry because I don’t get anything from the city. My mayor didn’t come to see me to say, “We’re sorry, Mr. Caron, we’re going to investigate this. If anything, we’ll support you.” nothing I, from my mayor, from my own town hall, I expect to have more empathy, more heart,” protested rock André Caron with emotion.

“I feel like they’ve removed it. I feel like they’re taking care of it,” he continued.

The mayor of Saint-Henri-de-Taillon – who shares the culvert with Alma – for his part hastened to meet Mr Caron.

Rock Andre Caron intends to follow the development of the investigation and has not ruled out taking legal action against the city of Alma.