September 26, 2023

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Legault guarantees health to Dubey, not Roberge to education

Legault guarantees health to Dubey, not Roberge to education

(Lac-Mégantic) François Legault went ahead with the composition of the next Council of Ministers: he refused to give Jean-François Roberge the same guarantee that Christian Dubé would be head of health, in education.

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Tommy Chouinard

Tommy Chouinard

He spoke of Eric Girard in Finance, Sonia Lebel in Treasury and Pierre Fitzgibbon in Economy as a “dream team”. He did not rule out having two ministers in Quebec’s South Shore at the time he named Bernard Drainville and Martin Biron as candidates.

The press conference in Lac-Mégantic on the promise of 1.5 billion in sports infrastructure took a strange turn on Tuesday, when Chief Caquist himself wanted to address a completely different topic. He presented his “question from the ballot box”, the same as Liberal leader Dominic Anglede’s choice on the day the campaign opened: the economy.

“With inflation, with global economic uncertainty, with rising interest rates, I think the ballot box issue is around the economy. Who can help Quebecers and put money back in their wallets? He recalled promises of checks and tax cuts.

After that, he put forward his “economic trio”, which, according to him, has no equal in other parties: “Eric Girard in finance, Sonia Lebel as president of the Treasury Board and Pierre Fitzgibbon as finance minister, I think a bit A dream team “, he said. In every other political formation, trying to find out who performs these functions, according to him “it sends down the spine”.

After already saying that “only” Christian Dubey could reorganize the health network, Francois Legault promised to keep his job. “He’s probably the most capable, OK. I’m not too worried about Christian’s position. He also raised that “we could have three” at health, as has happened in the last four years.

Photo by Graham Hughes, Canadian Press Archives

François Legoutl and Christian Dubey during the health announcement on September 3.

And in education? “There are so many to choose from, so many of them. Our team with Isabelle [Charest]Jean-Francois [Roberge], and more added. We have many ex-headmasters, teachers, we have a teacher union president. We have many. It’s hard to choose,” he said.

Asked if he should be worried, Jean-Francois Roberge replied, “There is no one with a guaranteed job at the CAQ.” However, he guaranteed a spot to Christian Dubey.

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, Press Archives

Retired Minister of Education, Jean-Francois Roberge

“From October 4 I will see what is the best structure, but it will not be an easy exercise,” he added.

Among his “considerations” for the formation of the Council of Ministers was gender equality, but also regional representation. He noted that “we cannot rule out” two ministers on Quebec’s South Shore. Bernard Drainville and Martin Biron are its candidates in this field.