September 30, 2023

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The mayor of Saint-Ely-de-Caxton has resigned

The mayor of Saint-Ely-de-Caxton has resigned

Less than a year after her election, Saint-Ely-de-Caxton Mayor Gina Lemire resigned.

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Ms. Lemire was succeeded by Robert Gauthier, whose mandate was marked by the resignations of several employees and volunteers who withdrew from municipal life, including noted storyteller Fred Pellerin.

In her resignation letter, Ms. Lemire sparked a divisive atmosphere.

“I admit that last year was not easy. I was elected in a context of a lot of anger, frustration. I was surrounded by many people who still bear the wounds of four years of disagreements, personal attacks, etc.,” she said.

In the last election, in November 2021, Gina Lemire won 57% of the vote to her opponent Lucy Hamelin’s 42%.

Ms. Lemire was elected as a city councilor for the first time in 2020.

She gave herself the influence and mission of reconciliation of the village, famous for its elves and Paparmane tree.

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