December 4, 2023

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Dominic Mitchell celebrated his 90th birthday on television

Dominic Mitchell celebrated his 90th birthday on television

The great lady of humor Dominique Mitchell deserves two televised parties to celebrate her 90th birthday on September 24.

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Charles-Eric Blais-Paulin

Charles-Eric Blais-Paulin

Her birthday, Saturday evening, will be honored on the Jubilee setLive from the universe, at ICI Radio-Canada Tel. Frances Beaudoin and her team promise many surprises for “Dodo,” whose life and career are captured in song.

Anticipating the uniqueness, 1001 mysterious envelopes were sent across Quebec. “France only opens when it tells you to!” See you this Saturday at 7pm to find out what they are. ”, we can read on the Facebook page of the show.

Celebrations continue at Nuovo on Tuesday, September 27, led by Julie Snyder. Among those who received invitation cards from 4th week of JulyE To celebrate Dominique Michel: his protégé Cathy Gauthier, his friends Yves Jacques and Michel Forget as well as the singer Véronique Clave.

Dominique Mitchell, born Aimee Silvestre in Sorrell-Tracy, participated in Seventeen FarewellIn addition to leading Singing and acting career. She survived colon cancer, diagnosed in 2010.

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