February 24, 2024

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Saint-Louis and the new generation

Saint-Louis and the new generation

Listening carefully to Martin St.Louis, we understand why players appreciate his theory on the art of directing a professional formation.

For now, they are living the first phase of his program. But, already, many people have the opportunity to read the foreword in the second half of the 2021-2022 calendar.

And they quickly recognized that Saint-Louis was a particular trainer. A coach who quickly understood the world of this new generation.

If you’ve heard or watched Jean-Charles Lajoie’s interviews on BPM Sports and TVA Sports, the book of clichés has disappeared. Saint-Louis answers each question by delving into his past as a professional athlete, pointing to the different experiences he has had and proving that he understands that we need to handle new players with new methods.

The new generation imposes itself with a different behavior, requiring a more advanced philosophy from the instructors at the teaching level.

When JiC asked him what plan he wanted to implement at the start of the season, he replied: “I want to know each of the 23 players thoroughly. A team is made up of 23 skaters, but each one has their own personality. »

He insisted on one important point: effort at work and athlete behavior in a group of 23 players. “There will be no compromise on these two issues from my side. »

He adds: “Creating a work environment where coming to the amphitheater every day is fun. There will be tough times, that’s clear, but surely, it’s up to the coach to make sure the players turn the page quickly after a bad experience. Coach by his attitude everyone…

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