November 29, 2022

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New Moon in Libra: Which Signs Are Affected by Its Influence?

New Moon in Libra: Which Signs Are Affected by Its Influence?

The New Moon in Libra begins on September 25, 2022 and heralds a new beginning for many at the same time. It affects all signs of the zodiac, but three signs especially feel its power. Find out what

The New Moon occurs at 5:54 pm (Montreal time) and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

While this transition is often synonymous with new beginnings, it provides a stage of introspection to help take stock of new projects before they materialize. This period is ideal for starting new adventures, professional, personal or romantic.

Unsplash Gaia Oris

What is Amavasya?

Amavasya, one of the four phases of the Moon, occurs when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, based on its position opposite the Sun.

Therefore, its face as seen from Earth is not illuminated by the Sun. Then it is difficult to observe with the eye, but it is an interesting stage for astronomical observation, because the light of the moon interferes with observing the sky.

The return of the moon to its similar phase (a synodic period corresponding to the time period between two consecutive similar phases of the moon) occurs approximately every 29 days and 12 hours.

All three signs are especially influenced by planets

Placed in Libra, this new moon has a particularly positive effect on certain astrological signs.

It promises beautiful moments of introspection the balance, Gemini And Aquarius. These air signs take advantage of this to reconnect with themselves, speak their emotions, and dare to be vulnerable.

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  • the balance : This moon represents a fundamental period. It’s time for her to decide what she wants to achieve for herself.
    • This astrological sign needs harmony every day and that’s good, this peace of mind the New Moon gives him.
    • Under the influence of Pluto, the Libra sign shows a lot of will power. He can question himself and change what does not suit him in his daily life.
    • A new moon in your sign allows you to invest in your partner or a new encounter with enthusiasm, but also with great clarity.
  • Gemini : Gemini is definitely one of the most beneficial signs in Libra by this new moon, as this air sign favors its energies.
    • This astrological sign is a ball of energy this new academic year. September is an opportunity to ask big questions about who he is, what he wants and what direction he wants to give his life.
    • This fertile new moon also allows him to take initiative and create a project close to his heart.
    • Keep it simple in your relationships and don’t overdo it with overkill people. It will get you nowhere…
  • Aquarius: This Amavasya rules the profession of this astrology.
    • Persisting and focused, he has all the resources he needs to think about the evolution of his professional life.
    • This is the perfect time to pursue an internship, internship, further study, learn a new language or start an artistic activity.

Unsplash Bruce Mars

Calendar of new moons in 2022

New Moon dates and timings for 2022 are detailed here:

  • September 25 at 5:54 pm.
  • October 25 at 5:49 am
  • November 23 at 5:57 PM.
  • December 23 at 5:17 am
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