November 27, 2022

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TLMEP: PQ targets official opposition

TLMEP: PQ targets official opposition

met on the set Everyone talks about it With his rivals, the Parti Québécois leader appeared to concede victory to the CAQ, announcing for the first time that he would become the official opposition leader.

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Although the official opposition was never in the running to win, the PQ leader, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, weighed in:

“I want to be a constructive official opposition,” PQ leader Francois Legault conceded victory.

The leader briefly tried to collect himself, and after a few seconds stated that he too wanted to be prime minister. The PSPP has promised that its party has the wind and the next poll will prove that it has caught up with other formations.

“We’re going to climb again,” he said.

Last week, PLQ leader Dominique Anglade also called for a strategic vote to block Francois Legault.

Host Guy A. LePage pressed the Chiefs to defend their many positions on several issues. The five chefs, wine glass in hand, challenged viewers to hit the most single lines.

A formula that does not allow for discussion, the leaders have been tight lipped on several occasions.

Duhaime manhandled

Stung demanded an apology from François Legault for comparing him to Donald Trump because of his positions on the management of the pandemic and his comments denying that Quebec has low deaths. The head of the CAQ refused.

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Stuck on the environment, Duhaime admits that extreme events like Hurricane Fiona are caused by climate change.

Then, once again, the Conservative leader had a run-in with Francois Legault on the third link in Quebec.

SQ Calculator

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Quebec Solidaire tried to surprise by launching an online calculator so citizens can estimate the impact of a united government on their annual income. Criticized for his proposed tax measures, the QS spokesperson reiterated that Quebec needs to better redistribute wealth. “I want a good Quebec,” he said. “What people find [avec la calculatrice]That means for 95% of people, we improve their quality of life.

Legault defends himself

The outgoing prime minister, François Legault, has again defended himself by not wanting to divide Quebecers on a number of issues, particularly immigration.

He defended his plan for a green economy, saying Quebec has one of the best records in this area.

“When I listen to some chefs, it sounds like we’re last in the class,” he says.

Dominique Anglade of the Quebec Liberal Party once again defended the $16.3 billion hole in the financial framework of his training.

When we make mistakes, we will correct them’, she pleaded looking at the retired Prime Minister that mistakes can be made and corrected.

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