November 29, 2022

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A Conservative candidate chases young people behind the wheel

A Conservative candidate chases young people behind the wheel

In Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Montérégie, Quebec’s Conservative Party candidate likes to settle scores with young drivers to the point of sometimes chasing them through the city’s streets, TVA Nouvelles has learned.

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The complainants, who preferred to remain anonymous to avoid further trouble with Dominik Melnitzky, denounced the candidate’s aggressive and inappropriate behavior and claimed to have contacted the police, who intervened.

The young drivers, until recently, would drive in front of the candidate’s residence to join a friend who lived in the same neighborhood, and Mr. Melnitzky would complain in particular about the noise and speed of their cars.

To express his displeasure, the conservative candidate decided to follow young motorists with his vehicle.

This scenario has been repeated a few times over the past few weeks and over long distances.

“It borders on bullying,” judged one of the drivers who gave us a telephone interview.

The drivers disputed Mr. Melitzky’s version.

“Unexpectedly we were going too fast and making too much noise, driving the limits, and then we didn’t put weight on the accelerator”, explained one of them.

TVA Nouvelles wanted to get Dominique Melnitzky’s version of the facts, but the latter was content to say that everything was resolved before ending the call.

However, according to concerned young drivers and their parents, on the contrary, nothing has been resolved. Moreover, fearing the candidate, they no longer go beyond the candidate’s residence.

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The issue of filing a police complaint against the candidate is being considered.