February 6, 2023

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Here’s a look at how the One Boy, One Girl cast looks now

Here's a look at how the One Boy, One Girl cast looks now

This week we learned that the popular series starring Guy A. LePage and Sylvie Leonard will be back for four episodes in 2023.

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25 years after the first broadcastA boy is a girlIn 1997, LePage and Leonard reprise their roles to the delight of their fans.

A chance to see how the actors who played Guy, Sylvie and their loved ones have developed.

Obviously, those who know the show know that apart from the two main characters, we’ve only seen the hands of the other characters.

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However, there is one notable exception: actor Norman Helms played several minor roles, such as the waiter, Guy’s Customer, etc.

What are the actors here?A boy is a girl After 25 years:

Guy A. Lepage

The main male character, he is also the creator of the concept.

It was in 2000:

Montreal Journal Archives

And in 2022:

Paul Ducharme / Courtesy

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Sylvie Leonard

The lead female character, she is also credited with the role of “Muse” in the show’s credits.

This was in 1998:

Jacques Bourdon / Le Journal de Montreal

And in 2020:

Photo courtesy Group TVA / Encore Television

Louise Richer

She is Loulou, Sylvie’s friend and Daniel’s ex-wife, another friend of Sylvie’s

This was in 1998:

And in 2021:

Courtesy Hugo B. Lefort

Genevieve Broulet

She played Genevieve, Guy’s work colleague.

This was in 1997:

Claude Rivest / Archives / Le Journal de Montreal

And in 2021:


Beatrice Picard

The venerable actress plays Sylvie’s mother (and thus Guy’s mother-in-law).

This was in 1998:

Photo by Léopold Rousseau / Les Archives / Le Journal de Quebec

And in 2022:

Screenshot / QMI Agency

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Pierre LeBeau

Unforgettable Mio Des boys Acted as Guy’s father (and therefore Sylvie’s stepfather) in 1G1F.

This was in 1997:

Photo by André Bonin / Les Archives / Le Journal de Montreal

And in 2019:

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Mahi payment

His character didn’t keep his (very rare) first name! Instead, she played “Melanie,” Guy’s father’s blonde.

This was in 2002:

The Journal of Montreal

And in 2021:

Instagram Mahee Payment

Alice Guilbault

Director Bernard Emond’s favorite actress is Guy’s sister.

This was in 1997:

Photo by André Bonin / Les Archives / Le Journal de Montreal

And in 2020:


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Jean-Francois Mercier

Not known to the general public during the series Large cellar Played various minor roles.

This was in 2003:

And in 2020:

Joel Lemay/QMI Agency

Norman Helms

A true workaholic on display, he also followed Guy and Sylvie in Ford commercials at the turn of the millennium.

This was in 2001:

Screenshot / YouTube

And in 2019:

Instagram agency jrobitaille

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