November 28, 2022

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A PCQ candidate has violated health rules

A PCQ candidate has violated health rules

Olivier Dumais, the Conservative candidate in Beaus-Nord, has admitted to violating the health rules by finding himself in a chalet with five of his friends in the winter of 2021, when the entire province is classified in the red zone.

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“We were six guys. We are going on a ski-doo trip. We were the next day, and it shows up on my phone: Oh, the MRC (New Buis) mayors’ meeting on Zoom,” he explained.

Then he says: “I’m going to plug. I forgot we were in the red zone everywhere in Quebec. You don’t even have the right to see your neighbor. We went to my chalet on ski-doos with the other six guys”.

A PCQ candidate has violated health rules

When his MRC colleagues hear a noise in the background, Olivier Dumais lies to them. “We’re five-six guys (…) I said we’re in the orange zone here, and we’re right. But the red zone everywhere in Quebec (…) they swallowed it. They didn’t ask too many questions,” he says with a laugh.

Olivier Dumais is one of the main hopes for gains for the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ). A survey by the firm Segma Research, published today, also gave him a lead over his CAQ rival.

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“Three times the depth of the trash can”

Called to comment on this article, Eric Duhaime countered strongly by strongly attacking the CAQ. “Today, we do not accept threats Rowdy That side. CAQ’s smear campaign is enough,” he snapped.

According to him, CAQ has “a lot of people going through our trash bins. There, they return to a triple depth of litter. He was criticized (candidate Dumais) for being in the red zone several months ago, he was wrong and he joked about it so he accepted it.

Visibly angry, the Conservative leader said, “Ms. (Genevieve) Guilbault, three days ago, was on a plane, veiled (and) against government instructions. Did a journalist ask Mr. Legault a question about his own minister? Absolutely not. Digging through garbage cans. Something. At one point, the double standard does.

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On the merits of the story, Eric Duhaime confirmed that it was an “oversight” by his candidate and not a deliberate attempt to break the law. “He who never fished casts the first stone at him,” he said. He forgot what I heard. Forgetting is not bad faith.

Cédric Lapointe, press secretary of the Conservative leader, responded through a statement. “Mr. Dumais is an excellent candidate and mayor in his community. We are lucky to have him on our team. We do not encourage civil disobedience,” he wrote.