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Carte Blanche by Mariana Mazza | Your responses are “Guy! »

Carte Blanche by Mariana Mazza |  Your responses are “Guy!  »

La Carte Blanche, published by Mariana Mazza on October 2, in which she described her first and last meeting with Guy Lafleur, did not fail to make people react. Here is an overview of emails received.

Posted at 12:00 PM.

Natural complexity

A simple exchange, a look, a smile, a laugh, a simple exchange involves people who are natural, natural and ambitious. Tabarnak fun It’s often an unexpected, epiphany that reminds us that we’re forever blessed when we meet another extraordinary being. There are people who haven’t experienced such a combination, such a moment, and it’s a pity. For them, it will always be a misunderstood second degree, an ignored human dimension. Thanks for this text.

Gaston M. Cote

You stay the same

You stayed! Don’t worry, there are always pros and cons. It’s a nerve-wracking thing, meeting a legend himself. Guy Lafleur is my hero, he gave everything to his fans, but also to CH who disrespected him. So be you! Mind you I don’t like hearing you rant, but I like your “bravery” side better. Be thou, my dear!

Monique Villeneuve, Quebec

An enjoyable person

Poor Mariana: sensitive, intelligent, but still not classy. You may find it charming to swear without a filter, but it doesn’t work with everyone. You are lucky to meet a happy person.

Gilles Julian

Like two best friends

Witnessing your meeting with Guy Lafleur, I thought: It looks like an exchange between two good friends who can say anything to each other without being offended. I admit that sometimes you are shy beyond my understanding, but I like you.

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Carmen Hamelin

The person is honest

I don’t like Mariana’s sense of humor, but I’m sure Guy is sincere and he would love to attend her show. And for me, I loved Guy, his great qualities and his faults. I would definitely look at Mariana with a more sensitive eye. And who knows, maybe humor will carry me…

Claude Lussier


What a beautiful text, you have so much humanity and high honor to imitate tirelessly.

Daniel Tessier

I burst into tears

Thank you, beautiful Mariana, you brought me to tears. I wanted to thank you because you are a true and pure person driven by hate! i love you so much

Chantal LaRouche

Excellent connection

Wow! I admit I didn’t watch the broadcast TLMEP, but sometimes, it only takes a moment between two people to realize an extraordinary connection. This connection is rare. Not everyone sees it. Often it happens between two people who have nothing in common. It would be great if our hockey idol’s family recognized this relationship. A very beautiful moment shared by Mariana.

Monique LePage

i like you

Dear very beautiful person. I love you for everything you give: beautiful, good, extravagant, very sweet, freshness, naturalness, enormous heart. Yes. i love you

Nicole Leclerc, 74 years

Very emotional

Mariana’s lyrics always touch me. She is so simple in her words, it is disturbing to feel so much emotion, calmness and quiet moments while reading her lessons. She expresses with such generosity the important moments in life that help us to be better despite the reactions of prejudice and unwanted nastiness caused by the ignorance of some people who cannot go to the next level of welcoming without judgement. Thanks Mariana for posting and especially thanks to her for being so honest and transparent.

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Anne-Marie Couture

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