February 24, 2024

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Hurricane Ian: Migrants evacuated from New York to Florida for cleanup operation

A satire: The The New York Post Reports Many Venezuelan migrants are being transported from New York to Florida these days to help clean up this hurricane-ravaged state. Ian. Migrants were promised a wage of $15 an hour, plus overtime and $15 a day for food.

The Post it The agency that recruits the migrants or provides their transportation in mini-buses could not be contacted. Most of the migrants arrived in New York on buses packed by Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott. They are heading to a state governed by another Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, who in this case has organized the movement of immigrants from Texas to the northern state of Massachusetts.

The irony is even greater if we learn that the governor of Florida played a role in recruiting immigrants in New York to participate in a clean-up operation in his state.

Also note that The New York Times The mysterious “Perla” recruited in San Antonio, Texas, has been identified as one of the 48 migrants transported on two flights to Martha’s Vineyard Island last month. That’s it Pearl HuertaThe former combat medic and counterintelligence operative left the US military last month after two decades of service, including several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Identifying the woman could help prosecutors in legal cases against Florida’s governor get information about the scheme that brought immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, experts say.

(Photo by The New York Post)

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