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Tower | Gildor, the golden man

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Seriously, how can you not love Gildor Roy? I mean, this versatile 62-year-old actor plays the good Commander Daniel Chiasson District 31He plays the fine mechanic Germaine Langlois km And he sang Give me a nose.

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We want Gildore Roy as a father, a grandfather, a friend, and a “little temper” bottle opener around the campfire. Special Guitar Request: Another hotel room where You go over my headPlease.

For three weeks, Gildor occupied Roy Patrick Howard’s former loft (renovated). Tower of VAT. He even set up his pool table there. And how is the actor-host-musician at the helm of this daily talk show? Very good. No one here quotes Gildor’s own words to get rid of his clicks and slaps.

The transition between Patrick Howard and Gildor Roy was not brutal. Both men have the same warmth, the same curiosity and the same kindness towards their guests.

This comfort on set facilitates confidence, which Gildor Roy gathers with good listening, without falling into a tearful excess of compassion.

Last week, Laurence Jalbert, along with her good friend Marie-Lise Pilot, talked about her oppositional defiant disorder, her ADHD, her anxiety, her claustrophobia and the first years of her career, when, at age 15, she was (physically) fighting in bars. After her delivery, the singer-songwriter took a long corridor, so to speak, and turned to social assistance to make ends meet.

All of this information was relayed without dampening the atmosphere in Gildor’s condo. This is where the facilitator experience will serve him well. He revives his guests, but knows when to stop digging. Tower Perhaps the Quebec face-to-face program, where without the least inconvenience – and plugs -, its content is being despised.

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With Laurence Jalbert, Marie-Lise Pilot approaches the mourning of her job as a comedian (she redid her parody of La Mechante for us, thank you). Bruno Pelletier and Olivier Dion talk about beauty and how to manage this aspect in their work. In this same episode, empathetic Bruno Pelletier talks about his anxiety disorders and the anger he’s learned to control.

Gildore Roy also suggests a collective uneasiness about the love song I will be there for you When Marilou was 13, she sang with baritone Gino Quilico. “I found it abnormal ” said Gildor. Marilou admits it’s really weird to have a former girl singing “hypersexualized” stuff. “I’m glad you told me I’m not crazy,” replied Marilou, who celebrates the 10th anniversary of her business 3 Times a Day.

However, when you see Gildore Roy speaking directly to the camera in the hallway of his mansion delivering lightning-quick monologues, you immediately think of Patrick Howard, who perfected this formula. If Patrick Howard is tougher, especially on political matters, Gildor Roy makes up for it with common sense and humor.

However, the style and tone of both animators are similar and don’t draw a gap between the two versions. Tower.

An important aspect of the show to reconsider is the character played by the two neighbors, Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc and Alexandre Barrett. A new addition that offers widely varying results. When Neighbor settles into the room with Gildor, things improve, even if their presence sometimes breaks the rhythm of the interviews. When neighbors lend sketches in their respective apartments, it’s less gratifying.

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Honestly, I prefer Alexandre Barrett as the Jester Everyone talks about itHe will have more time to express his talent.

Speaking of Everyone talks about it, Sunday’s episode, with the eloquent and intelligent writer Carolyn Dawson, was watched by 976,000 viewers. I like it when Guy A. LePage ends his show with a quiz, put together in honor of Marina Orsini. Gildor Roy offered something similar with Farah Alibe Tower Since last Thursday.

Masked singers de TVA remains the most popular Sunday program with its 1,512,000 subscribers. Dual career And its 489,000 fans.

year after year, revolution (1,137,000) remains an inspiring, exhilarating and entertaining contest. But like Sunday, when the episode opens with former champions from another competition (Denis D So You Think You Can Dance Canada), which cools my impulses. Always the same thing revolution Brings back contestants from previous seasons. We feel Star Academy When the producers draw all the contestants from all the past editions Mixmania. Then our love falls below zero.

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