December 6, 2023

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Harassment of his superior: The accused believed that Martin Matte was making fun of him

Harassment of his superior: The accused believed that Martin Matte was making fun of him

A former Deloitte tax expert accused of harassing a superior he allegedly fell in love with, to the point where he believed comedian Martin Matteo was addressing him directly in his ads for Max, conspiracies began to appear everywhere.

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Philippe Dubé sent colleagues and his victim several disturbing videos where he filmed himself and talked about “coded messages” that he was able to decipher. He claimed that on several occasions, Deloitte “ordered” the victim to flirt with him, after which he was allowed to fire her. “She got a court order for me Imprisonment“Launches Dubey in a video, confident.

“It hurt me, it bothered me. I didn’t understand half of what he was saying in the videos. There were videos that really scared me,” the victim reported in a Montreal court on Wednesday, as she continued her testimony before the jury.

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to his crimes in the summer of 2020, a few months after being hired by Deloitte as a corporate tax analyst. The harassment continued for months.

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Martin Matte smiled at him

In a roughly 16-minute video of the suspect browsing his former superior’s Facebook profile, he repeatedly maintains that the publications, while harmless, were meant for him. Dubey said. He then links to pages on the Urban Dictionary site and also to Google. Maps.

“Everything revolves around me, she has a mission,” continues the accused.

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At one point, he felt challenged by Martin Matte’s ads for Maxi, which he said were actually Deloitte’s way of making fun of him.

“Here he says ‘lower your voice.’ It’s a message for me to tell him to shut up,” he said, adding that several puns refer to different colleagues.

“need help”

Fearing the accused, the victim had to sleep with her relatives about thirty times.

“I didn’t know where he lived, but I was also afraid that he knew where I lived,” she explained.

To her, it was clear that he “needed help,” as he increased the messages and attempts to keep in touch with her.

The trial is ongoing in a Montreal court.

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