February 6, 2023

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Stop submitting to the council of Muslims

Stop submitting to the council of Muslims

Last week, a columnist Toronto Star, Vinay Menon, commenting on the Iranian women’s revolt on Parda. Sympathetic to their cause, he sometimes had the misfortune of admitting his discomfort in front of women in burkas he met in Toronto. According to him, they look like they are wearing Halloween costumes and their choice is not voluntary.

It is sufficient that the National Council of Muslims of Canada (CNMC) expresses dislike for the person concerned. According to the organization, this “ignorance” columnist denigrates and belittles women. It is referred to as “disgusting”.

Apart from supporting his journalistic freedom of expression and defending Muslim women against religious fundamentalism Toronto Star Back down. He expressed regret and withdrew the lesson on burqa.


A similar incident took place last year as well. in Journal of the Canadian Medical Association, Sheriff Emil, a pediatric surgeon, denied publishing a photograph of a veiled girl in the same publication. He questioned the well-being of women when they were veiled as children. The person concerned was accused of “Islamophobia” by the CNMC. The medical association and Dr. Emil were forced to apologize.

The CNMC also wants to push Quebec back with Bill 21. It will challenge it in court and, to do so, will receive funding from several English-Canadian cities. With an organization called Justice pour le Quebec, I am also suing the City of Toronto on this matter, because this practice is illegal, in our opinion.

One of CNMC’s strengths is that it presents itself as moderate and frequent. For example, its leaders show sympathy for African Americans, minorities, and indigenous peoples. They look towards righteousness.

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The reality is different. The group campaigned for the implementation of Sharia in family law. He wants Muslims to be able to exempt their children from music lessons if they wish. He also advocated gender segregation in school dance lessons among other things.

In a dispute with the Toronto Star, the columnist spoke primarily of Iranian Mahsa Amini, who was murdered by the morality police for wearing her veil incorrectly. Very active in denouncing all forms of injustice, CNMC’s Twitter account has remained silent in the face of this crime against Iran. Same thing when Salman Rushdie was stabbed last summer for publishing The Satanic Verses in 1988, which was critical of the Koran and Mohammed. I couldn’t find any reaction from them anywhere else on the web. I asked them if they responded and got no response. If they are really silent as one thinks, their silence is deafening!

It is the National Council of Muslims of Canada, fundamentalists who oppose women’s equality and whose resentment varies. The fact that we always succumb to them illustrates how Canadian multiculturalism has destroyed our values. It’s high time to stop giving.