May 28, 2023

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Censored Halloween! | The Journal of Quebec

Censored Halloween!  |  The Journal of Quebec

In this week’s episode of intellectual excess, there is an episode of censorship Daughters of Caleb By Netflix, because there we saw the black face of Roy Dupuis who played the Maze King.

The episode is worth watching to understand how the censored scene is completely devoid of racist sentiments.

It’s about a late 19th century Christmas party in Saint-Tite and nothing that could be considered racist.

At no point in this scene is there a question of making fun of the black man as we do black face Among the most disgusting and unacceptable racist plays performed in the United States during the segregation era.

This is a simple disguise to represent a dark skinned character.

Opening up to someone else

Does playing a character without the same skin color make us racist? When we advocate openness to others and diversity, since when do we not patronize another person because he is different?

On this account, let’s boycott Halloween with its costumes and make-up, as long as you skid!

The author of the adapted novel, Arlette Koscher, has spoken out about Netflix’s lack of judgement.

“If you cannot reflect an era, you are not a good writer”, she underlined.

Without shadow

Mrs. Koscher is so right. This is where Netflix’s drifts occur when it comes to lumping everything into one basket, without nuance.

We live in truly strange times, where we rebel against a harmless disguise to represent a fictional character, but not a mask that is worn as a garment and a symbol of women’s oppression. It doesn’t make sense.

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