May 28, 2023

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Record: Almost 300 millionaire doctors in Quebec

Record: Almost 300 millionaire doctors in Quebec

A record 294 Quebec doctors earned more than $1 million last year, even though the network is still severely slowed by the pandemic. Six of them also pocketed more than $2 million.

Quebec hasn’t had this many millionaire doctors since 2014 (See the table), according to data from the Régie de l’assurance maladie (RAMQ). This gradual increase follows large increases in the income granted to doctors in Quebec over the past ten years.

In addition, the 2021 case is unique: the pandemic has greatly reduced activity in the province’s hospitals.

Fewer services

“The increase in grants has been reflected in recent years and will continue to do so. It would not be surprising if there is more [de millionnaires] In the future, “opines Professor Regis Blais, who specializes in health network management at the Université de Montréal.

“But we pay them more and we have fewer services overall. […] There is reflection to be had,” he continues.

Surprisingly, the majority of millionaire doctors (272 out of 294) are specialists. The highest paid professional in 2021 was an ophthalmologist with an income of $2,603,027 (See the table) However, this is not an absolute record.

Half of the millionaires in 2021 are radiologists (88) and ophthalmologists (81). Moreover, thanks to government contracts with private clinics, they were able to work hard despite the pandemic.

By email, the Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec (FMSQ) replied to Log “A rigorous actuarial exercise is underway on high-income doctors,” but declined to comment further.

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The phenomenon of millionaire doctors is “very marginal,” he added.

They work like never before

As for family physicians, two of them reported $1.7 million in income.

“It strikes, but it is an exception, responded Jean-Pierre Dion, representative of the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec (FMOQ). These doctors are certified and counter-certified (by RAMQ), I have no doubt. »

Overall, FMOQ said, family doctors have “never worked so hard” since the pandemic.

To get such a large income, several factors often come together: large clients, lots of work in remote areas, and bonuses.

The Institute for the Relevance of Medical Acts (IPAM), which has a mandate to recover $240 million in health costs by 2023, stressed that any reduction in the amount of the Act must be approved by the FMSQ.

Reducing radiology costs has been the subject of several evaluations by IPAM, but cataract surgery, in ophthalmology, has not yet been discussed.

Note that physicians must deduct office or equipment expenses from their income.

In collaboration with Charles Matthew

There are 22,567 practicing physicians in Quebec, including 13,082 specialists.

2021: 294

2020: 203

2019: 278

2018: 276

2017: 238

2016: 195

2015: 202

2014: 166

Six Highest Earners in 2021

Ophthalmologist $2,603,027

General surgeon $2,442,354

Ophthalmologist $2,166,048

Ophthalmologist $2,116,473

Internist $2,022,137

Radiologist $2,017,941

Editor’s Note All remuneration methods are considered, including various bonuses and packages.

Millionaire doctors by specialty

Radiologists 88

Ophthalmologists 81

Cardiologists 34

General practitioners 22

General Surgeons 10

Psychiatrists 9

Internists 6

Orthopedists 5

Otorhinolaryngologists 5

Anesthesiologists 5

others 29

Source: RAMQ

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