June 7, 2023

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Swearing-in: Anglade says Liberals ‘absolutely clear’ about election results

Swearing-in: Anglade says Liberals 'absolutely clear' about election results

The Liberals are “absolutely clear” about the fact that the majority of their elected officials come from the metropolitan area, but they intend to be a “constructive official opposition” that speaks on behalf of all regions of Quebec.

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“We are absolutely clear about the results of the October 3 elections. Our deputation comes from the Greater Metropolitan Area, Laval, Monterrey and Outaouais. It’s a fact,” Dominic Anglade declared at the start of his speech at the Liberal parliamentary wing’s swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday morning.

However, this situation “does not in any way disqualify the Liberals” from representing citizens of other regions, she immediately qualified.

“Quebec is not an assembly of regions against each other, its parts are complementary territories, parts are indivisible populations and it is our responsibility to meet with all Quebecers in all regions to bring their priorities back to Quebec,” the Liberal leader added.

Dominic Anglade announced that the Liberals would be a “resolutely constructive” opposition, but that the government would honor its commitments and act with the interests of future generations in mind.

“Let the government take it for granted: no one’s power can be absolved of the responsibility to respect the equality of citizens and the accepted functioning of the institutions and traditions of our democratic society,” he said.

The Liberal leader also expressed concern about “growing polarization” and “eroding confidence in our democratic institutions”. She appealed to all elected officials to live up to their duties.

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