December 8, 2023

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OD Martinique: The feverish exchange between Tommy and Isaac was never televised

OD Martinique: The feverish exchange between Tommy and Isaac was never televised

Tommy left the adventure OD Martinique Last Sunday.

A young DJ who is well-known on social networks does not have a lot of leisure experience. In fact, he was not well-liked by his peers. Reviewing episodes is no cakewalk.

It was difficult, I recovered my emotions a bit, but when I came out of the houses, I was prejudiced about the situation, I didn’t know how it was shown on television. It was still a relief to see that what I experienced was real. It’s not just my problem “, he says.

During his viewing, he stated that he was surprised and disappointed by the attitude of the girls towards him. ” I didn’t know they were so mean to me. They were nice when I was with them, they gave me big smiles, I thought it was very smooth and easy, but I think they have a lot of people in the game. “, he admitted.

When he left, we saw a very heated discussion between Philip and him. ” I didn’t have much energy at the time, so I thought I’d listen to it “, he confidently told us,” But if I was in my everyday life, I would explode. I wanted to leave with dignity, so I was polite. »

He told us that he had a similar exchange with Isaac after his elimination, but the moment wasn’t shown on TV. “ We had a conversation on cam and he wanted to do it again in front of the camera to film it. Not understanding what he was telling me, I looked into his eyes and asked, “Are you serious?!” , then I left. »

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Tommy notes that this isn’t the first time his exchange with Isaac has been cut in an edit. ” He confronted me and said: “Stop lying to us because we know you and Catherine have a conspiracy!” I said, “I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t know her!” »

It’s just a rumor that Tommy and Catherine knew each other before the adventure. ” I have never spoken to her, I have never seen her in person. I only know who it is on social media. I didn’t follow her either. »

It should be said that there are more candidatesOD Catherine and Tommy know each other well since they know each other on social networks. On the other hand, these are not the things shown in the broadcasts. ” From my first contact with the girls, they said about my ex, that I have not been separated for a long time. Already there, she was questioning my presence in OD. There are so many things they don’t know about my relationship, about my breakup, about her condition. [son ex]. There was a lot of judgment. »

Tommy clearly states that Philip and Isaac are the “authorities” of the boys’ home. ” They feel their relationship so much that they take up a lot of space in the house. Funny to say, but let’s say they’re playing Monopoly, if they don’t want you to play, you don’t. Their relationship is very toxic and it rubs off on the other candidates. I got on really well with Jimi and Walid, not forgetting Mikkel and Rami who clicked from the start. Their attitude and opinion of me [celles de Philippe et Isaack] Rubbed on other candidates, including Felix, with whom things are not so bad. »

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Faced with the unhealthy environment they create around them, Tommy says: “ I don’t think they realize that. As they go, they face their actions, it’s not uncommon for there to be two people who survive the adventure. As I said yesterday at La Semaine des 4 Jules, they shall reap what they sow in The Hour of Truth. »

Who is waiting? The moment of truth?

Remember that Jonathan stated his part These are the reasons Why boys didn’t like him. This is far from just a dustpan story!

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