December 8, 2023

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Repeal the oath to the king: “One motion is not enough”, says Simon Jolin-Barrett

Repeal the oath to the king: "One motion is not enough", says Simon Jolin-Barrett

A member of the Board of Directors declared in a press conference that a motion was not enough to get rid of the obligation to swear an oath to the British monarch. A motion to amend the Constitution Act, 1867 has no force of lawSimon Jolin-Barrett said.

Consequently, with due respect to Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, all MNAs are invited to take this oath if they intend to sit in the National Assembly, He watches it from his own telescopeAccording to Mr Jolin-Barrett.

the leader of QP He refuses to swear to the new ruler. He stated thatAdoption of a motion Makes this standard optional for the king.

The idea that the resolution will be rejected, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) government has said it is ready to pass a bill that would end the oath of allegiance to the British monarchy. Indeed, this responsibility, says Simon Jolin-Barrett, no longer pleases CAQ MPs.

However, the government will have little time to legislate this fall, as François Legault convened the National Assembly to resume work on November 29. Additionally, Mr. Jolin-Barrett insists the issue is not among the priorities CAQ.

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon asked the leaders of other political parties not to take the oath of deputies. And he made a written request to the Secretary General of the National Assembly, Siegfried Peters, on October 11.

Response from the Secretary General: The oath of allegiance to the King is mandatory Until the law was developed.

In a tweet published on Tuesday evening, the PQ leader said the National Assembly had confirmed the swearing-in of the party’s three deputies would take place on Friday. As expected.

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Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon did not specify whether he and his troops would be exempt from the king’s oath.

Of course, three PQ deputies can be sworn in, but lose the right to sit unless they swear allegiance to King Charles.

Leave out PQ with its challenges

The reaction of the Secretary General of the National Assembly, Leader of the Official Opposition, Dominic Anglade, in the National Assembly on Tuesday Very well answered that the law needs to be changed.

And we are here to respect the laws and sit down as soon as possible. »

A quote from Dominic Anglade, PLQ leader

The Liberal leader believes this is necessary Leave it QP with its challenges.

Dominic Anglade, hands in the air, greets the crowd.

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade was sworn in as MP for the riding of Saint-Henri-Saint-Anne.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Roussel

These questions of oath and oath were not the only topic of discussion on Tuesday: 90 deputies CAQ and 21 deputies QLP Sworn.

As the ceremony began, the Secretary General of the National Assembly was reminded that two oaths had to be taken to sit as a member. Mr. Peters said.

Like Simon Jolin-Barrett, the Leader of the Official Opposition is not closing the door on legislative changes to the standard. According to her, the current system is suitable Absolutely Have to see again. There are elements overflowedShe agreed.

Earlier, solidarity deputy Sol Zanetti introduced a bill to end the oath of allegiance to royalty. Legault asked the Assembly if the government agreed to use it, and the Liberals refused. This private bill died on order paper.

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If the government introduces a new bill with the effect of abolishing the oath of allegiance to the king, the official opposition will rule on it on meritNew Liberal parliamentary leader Marc Tanguay suggested.

In February 2020, in his parliamentary reform project – which has never seen the light of day – Mr Jolin-Barrett also recorded the government’s intention to scrap the standard.

The identity of QP And QS

Another problem looms for the Parti Québécois and Quebec Solidaire: to form a parliamentary group in good and proper form during the next legislature.

Alliance Avenir Quebec is open to this request. Dominique Anglade, she, Again he refused To engage with this issue.

Failing to sit in parliamentary groups, PQ and Solidarity members will have to sit as independents. Hence they have less resources and less time to question the government in the House.

According to National Assembly rules, a party must elect 12 deputies or secure 20% of the popular vote to be recognized as an official parliamentary group. But there is none QS Or not QP Neither of these two criteria is met.

While the oath-taking of the solidarity public representatives will take place on Wednesday, the oath-taking of public representatives QPFriday

Mr Jolin-Barrett recalled that there were some independent deputies during the last legislative period. And [qu’on] Worked with everyone in the assembly.

We have the responsibility to make the Parliament work, the government makes the Parliament work whether it is recognized parties or not. »

A quote from Simon Jolin-Barrett, Boardwas MP

The function of QP And QS It is explained that the seal will be sealed in the discussions held after the appointment of the head of government.

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