June 7, 2023

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Cardi B in court over tattoo

Cardi B in court over tattoo

The man of faith claims his back tattoo was inked on the back of a devoted gentleman who verbally loves Cardi B on the cover of his 2016 mixtape, Gangsta Beach Music, Vol. 1.

Posted yesterday at 4:57 pm.

The late Dominick

The late Dominick

Kevin Michael Brophy is suing the famous American rapper for $5 million in a copyright infringement case a federal court in Southern California heard Wednesday.

The cover, to say the least, shows Madame B, bottle of beer in hand, in the company of a man with his face buried between his legs. Tim Gooden, who created the controversial image, claims the artist borrowed only a portion of Brophy’s tattoo, following a Google search.

The complainant, for his part, explained that the image shocked his wife and contradicted everything he embodied as a man of faith and a father of two.

The testimony will continue for four days and deliberations will begin on Friday. Last September, Cardi B pleaded guilty at Queen’s Criminal Court to being involved in a 2018 fight at a strip club.

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