March 25, 2023

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François Legault appoints Guilbault for transport and Drainville for education

François Legault appoints Guilbault for transport and Drainville for education

with that 90 deputies were elected in the ballot held on October 3, Mr. Legault was misled for his choice. His cabinet was uneven: it consisted of 16 men and 14 women.

Acknowledging that heartbreaking choices had to be made, Prime Minister Legault handed new responsibilities to experienced ministers.

New Transport Minister, Genevieve Guilbault

Photo: Radio-Canada / SYLVAIN ROY ROUSSEL

Thus, Genevieve Guilbault remains deputy premier and takes charge of transport, as the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) hopes to undertake its third link project in Quebec. But the member for Louis-Hébert also takes care of the metropolitan area with the repair of the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine bridge-tunnel.

Pierre Fitzgibbon takes the lead: He who already has the economy inherits power with this big piece of hydro-Québec. The MNA for Terrebonne is responsible for regional economic development and also for the Metropolis and Montreal region.

A key file on public safety, the proliferation of firearms crime, belongs to Granby MP Francois Bonnardel, who is also responsible for the Estrie region.

Jean-Francois Roberge, MNA for Chambly, lost education as minister of the French language and minister responsible for secularism and Canadian relations.

Mathieu Lacombe, MP for Papineau, became Minister of Culture.

Charlesburg Member of Parliament Jonathan Julian collects infrastructure and gets responsibility for the capitol-national.

Bernard Drainville.

The new Education Minister, Bernard Drainville

Photo: Radio-Canada / SYLVAIN ROY ROUSSEL


The Department of Education, a file the Prime Minister has named as his government’s top priority, fell to Bernard Drainville. Member for Lewis, a prominent politician, a newcomer CAQ.

Christopher Skeet is in his second term as MP for Sainte-Rose, but he has entered the cabinet as the minister’s representative for the economy. He became Minister of Laval and the fight against racism.

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Christine Frechette, a recruit CAQ Elected in Sanguinet, he became Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration.

In repentance the newly elected Pascal Dery entered higher education.

Katery champagne Jourdain during the minister's swearing-in.

The first aboriginal member of the National Assembly, Katery Champagne Jourdain is now Quebec’s Minister of Employment.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

She was the first indigenous woman elected to the National AssemblyKatery Champagne Jourdain, who was elected in Duplessis, became Minister of Employment.

Martin Biron, MNA Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, responsible for international affairs and la francophonie.

Sonia Bélanger, who directed the Integrated University Center of Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montreal, became Minister of Health. Marguerite Blaise succeeds MNA Seniors Ministry for Prévost.

Suzanne Roy, former mayor of Sainte-Julie and former president of the Union of Quebec Municipalities, has received the family ministry.

Maïté Blanchette Vézina, former mayor of Saint-Luc, has joined the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The Rimouski member is also responsible for Gaspé-Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

Frans-Alain Durensau, MNA for Bertrand, responsible for housing.

Frances-Alain Durenseau, laughing.

France-Elaine Durenseau, elected in Bertrand of Laurentians, enters the cabinet as minister responsible for housing.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

Continuation Ministers

Christian Dubey can continue the broad reform he has undertaken in the health network; The La Prairie Member contains this key branch.

Eric Girard, MNA for Groulx, is in finance, and Sonia Lebel, MNA for Champlain, holds the chair of the Treasury Board.

Deux-Montagnes MP Benoit Charette is responsible for the environment, wildlife and parks, as well as the fight against climate change.

François Legault announced that he will chair a new committee made up of ministers for the economy, finance, environment, energy transition, First Nations and Inuit. CIO Hydro-Quebec, Sophie Brochu.

Simon Jolin-Barrett holds the Ministry of Justice. A member of Boardwas also continues to be the Parliamentary Leader of the Government.

Ian Lafreniere, MNA for Vachon, is managing First Nations and Inuit Relations.

Andre Laforest, MNA for Chicoutimi, remains in Municipal Affairs and Caroline Proulx, MNA for Berthier, pursues tourism.

Former Social Services Minister Delegate, Tylon MP Lionel Carmont now takes the helm of the ministry. Isabelle Charest, MNA for Brome-Missiscoe, covers sport, recreation and the outdoors.

Eric Kair, MP for Law Peltry, is on cyber security and digital. Andre Lamontagne, MNA for Johnson, keeps agriculture, fisheries and food.


Jean Boulet, MNA for Trois-Rivières, remains Minister of Labour. But he had to give up His previous orders, ie immigrationSocial Solidarity and Employment.

Chantal Rouleau is responsible for Social Solidarity and Community Action, she was previously responsible for the Metropolis and the Montreal region.

Francois Legault

Prime Minister Francois Legault swearing in the Cabinet

Photo: Radio-Canada / SYLVAIN ROY ROUSSEL

To change Quebec… Let’s move on

The work of the National Assembly will resume on November 29. Government Chief Whip Eric Lefebvre, MNA for Arthabasca, and Caucus Chair Mario Laframboise, who represents Blainville (they are not part of the Cabinet).

In his speech after his ministers were sworn in, Francois Legault described his cabinet as Very strong, experienced.

Refusing to divulge the criteria and reasons behind his selections, the Prime Minister said he knows the talents and qualities of each of his ministers.

Ministers invited by him Put aside their pride When necessary. It needs to be identified and adjusted When we make a bad decisionHe \ he said.

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Mr. Legault recalled the campaign slogan of CAQ There is Let’s go ahead! But in reality, he added, it meant: Let’s continue to transform Quebec. And especially on environmental matters, he said he wants to make Quebec a place where he will work to reduce or even eliminate greenhouse gases.

We are going to decarbonize QuebecHe promised.

Finally, welcoming the arrival of the first aboriginal woman to the Bleu Salon in the person of Kateri Jourdain Champagne, Mr. Legault announced that the appointment would be realized. Quebec is a symbol of reconciliation between the nation and First Nations and Inuit.

That doesn’t mean the cattery has been put on his shoulders, he clarified. All Quebecers have it on their shoulders.