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Check out the amazing pictures of Dave Morissette’s ancestral home

Check out the amazing pictures of Dave Morissette's ancestral home

We had such a great meeting with Dave Morissette at his place, we wish we were there to relax for a few days! Ancestral house, renovated and large space give a calm spirit. There is a nice balance between Dave and his spouse Nancy in terms of decoration. The house is very delicate, but men have their own place …

Photo: Dominique Gouin

Dave and his wife, Nancy, bought this ancestral home and together they completely renovated it over the years. It is with great passion and attention to detail that they succeed in preserving the warmth and authentic spirit of their home.

Check out pictures of Dave Morissette’s amazing ancestral home:

1) The In the man cave

Photo: Dominique Gouin

Photo: Dominique Gouin

It’s hard not to fall in love In the man cave Every man dreams of staying at home. This place is perfect for game nights. All the sporting goods are well presented and highlighted and you can really feel Dave’s spirit emanating from it. The place also has a gym and a bar counter. The boys’ garage is a little disorganized. A locker room type space is perfect for keeping all the sports items.

2) External

Photo: Dominique Gouin

Photo: Dominique Gouin

We fell in love with the retro trailer that Nancy completely read and designed for their son who spent part of his summer camping at the site. We find the idea very cool and clever for creating a holiday atmosphere at home. We also fell in love with the pizza bar area under the gazebo, perfect for entertaining friends. The place is the perfect place to chat around the bar counter and have a drink with friends. Dave designed it himself, with a laid back, unpretentious vibe.

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3) Gallery

Photo: Dominique Gouin

Of course, it’s hard not to like a large gallery around the house, like the country houses of yesteryear. We love the entrance with the beautiful red glass doors that make the house really charming. Dave has worked hard to complete this gallery!

4) Entry

Photo: Dominique Gouin

We love the entryway for its simplicity, its whiteness and its organized custom-made furniture. Everything is elegant and charming at the same time. Inside the house everything is fine. We find the feminine touch of Nancy who takes great pleasure in decorating her home. It’s a real passion and she’s not afraid to get dirty because she paints, she tinkers, she does almost everything!

5) Children’s lounge

Photo: Dominique Gouin

We found that the kids and pets lounge didn’t look complete and the floor was one of the priorities to review in the room. It is for this reason that the couple installed a very large rug that acts as camouflage while waiting.

6) Bathroom

Photo: Dominique Gouin

Another favorite is the bathroom with its retro tiles. Recently renovated, this ground floor room is truly welcoming. We really like the boldness of the brass finish faucets.

7) Kitchen and living room

Photo: Dominique Gouin

Photo: Dominique Gouin

The kitchen, with its warm rays, respects the authentic spirit of the house. Adding beams, a wooden counter, a rug and leather stools is a great idea to break the cold atmosphere of a white kitchen. The living room, with its stone fireplace, offers a very bright and relaxing atmosphere. The minus is pretty high on the TV because of the fireplace, but we know there really aren’t any other options.

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Dave Morissette is a host on TVA Sports and TVA.

Presents the Emily Chronicles hello, weekdays starting at 6 a.m., on TVA. We follow her, as well as Stefan, on social networks and the website emiliecerretti.com.
The couple is currently filming a documentary
behind the curtainIt will air on CASA next spring.

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