May 28, 2023

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Conservative Legault | The Journal of Quebec

Conservative Legault |  The Journal of Quebec

For a leader who did not undertake a real reshuffle in his first term, François Legault did not try to upset his team to create the impression of change. In the end, he took some risks.

“We don’t want to start all over again,” a government source summed up.

After half the command was stolen by the pandemic, François Legault wanted to make some changes, but many newbies needed several months to get their hands on the files and the machine was idle.

Of the 30 ministers now in his cabinet, twenty are already in place and 14 have retained their posts.

Nine recruits entered the Council of Ministers directly, but only three of them held key positions.

This is the case of Bernard Drainville, who should be seen in particular to further promote the teaching profession after a significant salary increase in his first mandate.

We count on Kateri Champagne Jourdain at Employment to take on former PQ staffer Christine Frechette to tackle the effects of labor shortages and reframe the CAQ’s message on immigration.

Consistency and experience

For the rest, Legault preferred to trust the experience gained by its pillars.

In health, there is no doubt that changing the driver can compromise the desired integrity.

With a recession in sight, it’s no surprise that the Girard-Fitzgibbon tandem will provide more stability.

Even for relations with First Nations, it would be dangerous to take responsibility away from Ian Lafreniere, who last June completed a tour of 55 communities in Quebec to build bridges.

Communicators first

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Along with continuity, the caquis’ penchant for selected players’ communication skills emerges.

When she was recruited, former journalist Martin Biron was not certain to join the council immediately. But his grace and his ease from his first appearance on the other side of the microphone opened his eyes.

That’s why Pascale Dery, formerly of TVA, also favors the loss of elected officials who have been waiting since 2018.

In the case of former Minister of Forests and Wildlife, Pierre Dufour, it failed him and cost him his job.

Although the government knew it could not leave Abitibi-Temiskaming indefinitely without a representative at the table, the reason for the creation of the council was heard before the negotiations began.

“Things never went well with the press gallery [pour Pierre Dufour] “, we report.

Among those who left, former Ubisoft rookie Céline Haitayan was not selected as the promotion was granted to Christopher Skeet, who represents a neighboring county in Laval.

For Joël Boutin, MP for Jean-Talon, many elected officials from Quebec have already played against her.

On the contrary, Chantalé Roulau essentially owes her position to the fact that she is one of two representatives from the island of Montreal and has only received social solidarity.

In bulk

From childhood to agriculture

Former Director General of the Association Québécois des CPE, Genevieve Belisle, the CAQ will be sent to Govt. She became Chief of Staff to Agriculture Minister Andre Lamontagne.


Liberal Andre Fortin After being sworn in on Tuesday, he seemed irritated by journalists’ questions about the PLQ leadership, but said he could rely on the support of his daughter Mayel during the “scrum”. The young woman is a regular at the Red Salon. At the age of two, she appeared in the arms of Philippe Couillard, whose father signed the register in 2014.

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