November 29, 2022

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“Occupation double Martinique”: Candidates accused of intimidation returned to Quebec

"Occupation double Martinique": Candidates accused of intimidation returned to Quebec

The candidates accused of intimidation in “Occupation Double Martinique” returned to Quebec soil Friday evening, after the demonstration, mired in chaos, abandoned by a dozen sponsors since the beginning of the week.

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Bag in hand and flaunting a generous tan, candidates Philippe and Isaac made an unannounced appearance at Montreal-Trudeau Airport around 8:45 p.m.

Kiana, another candidate, was accompanied by two security guards who made a particularly heavy appearance. Without answering the questions, the candidates made a quick exit Log.

Thierry Laforce / QMI Agency

During the star’s stay with host Jay du Temple, the two men formed a trio with Felix, sparking significant controversy.


It’s early in the season, when two candidates – Jonathan and Tommy – run into trouble with some of the guys, especially the famous trio.

Jonathan leaves the show of his own volition as the boys single him out and get his beloved Clemens out of the girls’ house, a gesture that Jonathan wants to leave.

Tommy, for his part, plans to set out after his eventful arrival on an adventure that has already begun.

Thierry Laforce / QMI Agency

However, he changed his mind, but his photo week ended up on the excluded cover, so he finally had to pack up.

Through these adventures, hundreds of internet users condemned the bullying behavior of Philip, Isaac and Felix.

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They also faulted the reaction of Productions J, which produces “OD”, accusing it of tolerating the actions of its candidates.

Candidates withdrawn

Confronted by the scandal, Productions J announced several measures to mobilize candidates, including the interventions of author India Desjardins and UQAM professor Stéphane Villeneuve in the prevention of bullying.

The apologetic production also unveiled a “full complement” of reality TV.

All episodes of the series have been removed from the broadcaster’s site and a decision was taken to remove the three candidates deemed toxic from the screen by Thursday evening.

In the episode aired on Nuovo, Philip, Isaac and Felix are missing.

In the chaos, dozens of sponsors, including Couche-Tard, Guru, Lambert, Nail Creations, Oraki, Polysleep, Shop Sante, Dutso and Twenty Compass, have pulled their cards one after the other.

Finstar Group, which gives winners the keys to one of its condos, has also branched out from OD Martinique.

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