June 6, 2023

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Duhaim and his robbery | The Journal of Quebec

Duhaim and his robbery |  The Journal of Quebec

The day after the election, Eric Duhaime announced his intention to see the Cacquists, who were disappointed at being excluded from the Council of Ministers, in the hope that his party could enter the National Assembly.

Rumors were rife during the formation of the Council of Ministers on Thursday. An unnamed select few were absent from the Red Room. Among them, the name of Yuri Chassin came to the fore. This economist on the right espouses many of the ideas of the PCQ over the CAQ.

Mr. Duhaime allowed the party to enter the National Assembly in 2021. Could Chasin be the new Claire Samson?

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When you run as a candidate in an election, whether it’s in Quebec City or Ottawa, it’s first and foremost to become an MP. Only a limited circle is selected for good or less good reasons to form the government by being a minister.

The process rests on the prerogative of the Prime Minister, who makes the final choices.

But elected officials with personal ambitions may choose to switch loyalties because they are frustrated… This distorts democracy in many respects.

  • Listen to Karine Gagnon on QUB Radio:

Many questions

Thierry Giasson, director and principal researcher of the Political Communication Research Group at Laval University, explained to me that during the Samson case, such a situation raises several questions: loyalty, voter motivations and the identity of the reasons he was elected.

This is all the more true as voters’ main motivations depend on the leader, the party, the propositions and the party campaign. As demonstrated by many scientific works, the local candidate has little influence in the decision.

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Therefore, Eric Duhaime’s attack is inappropriate. It should not be possible if there is only respect for the electorate.