June 7, 2023

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Radio-Canada will no longer broadcast Gala Quebec Cinema on ICI Télé

Radio-Canada will no longer broadcast Gala Quebec Cinema on ICI Télé

Movement continues in the world of awards ceremonies as Radio-Canada announced Monday that it will no longer broadcast the gala Quebec film dedicated to the seventh art here, after TVA dropped the gala Artis.

Quebec cinema has not yet responded to the news at the time of writing these lines, early in the evening, and the decision was announced late in the afternoon. So we don’t know at this point what the company’s plans are or if another broadcaster might take the leap and host the event on its grid.

The public broadcaster said in a postmortem meeting with Quebec cinema after the last gala that it would no longer broadcast its annual gala, formerly known as the Jutra Awards.

Instead of a gala, Radio-Canada plans to offer a special variety show and interviews next year to focus on Quebec cinema. Program “Good evening Good evening!” Local cinema should also be highlighted in a concept not yet defined by Jean-Philippe Wauthier.

Radio-Canada, which broadcasts Quebec films every week as part of its “Notre Cinema” event, invested $2.7 million in broadcast licenses and pre-purchase investments for 25 films in 2020 and $3.4 million for 34 films last year.

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