February 24, 2024

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Comedians challenging Duhaime

Comedians challenging Duhaime

A rebellion seems to be brewing in the Conservative Party in Quebec. The party will hold a rally next weekend to discuss the election results. Party members appear there with the idea of ​​blaming Eric Duhaime for a campaign with disappointing results.

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Naturally, the day after the election, all parties say they want to do more. Despite having 90 deputies, CAQ organizers were a little disappointed to lose access to Montreal. They wonder how much to blame for this failure is Jean Boulet’s statements on immigration.

So we can imagine that there will be a lot of despair in a party that cannot elect even a single deputy. In the case of the Conservative Party, the gaffes are easy to spot. Think of his posters with mistakes.

Election posters cost huge. Before giving the green light to the large print of symbols, it is necessary to re-read and edit the words and names that appear there. Taking donor money to create false posters is a disaster. Do it over and over… Ouch!

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Duhaim is wrong?

Conservative allies who argue that the mistakes on the posters are Mr. Duhaime’s fault. Without Eric Duhaime, there would be no mistakes because there would be no posters! Without the new impetus given by the new leader within two years, the party would not have had the financial means to carry out a wall-to-wall poster campaign at the national level.

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Let me remind you that the Conservative Party of Quebec existed before Eric Duhaime. But majority of voters don’t know. It is a small party among others, in which no one can spontaneously name a leader.

The party did not field candidates in all counties and garnered 59,000 votes across Quebec in 2018. It was already a breakthrough in 2014 when they achieved 16,000 votes. Basically, they have less than enough to win the entire riding of Quebec.


Eric Duhaime made a name for the Conservative Party of Quebec, which he assembled, strategically positioning himself to be invited to the leaders’ talks. Without him, there are chances that this party will be confused. And of course, when you’re in doubt, you’re unlikely to be criticized on the front page.

However, there are criticisms of the Conservative Party. There are stages of professionalism, experience should help. To expedite funding and mobilization, Eric Duhaime became very close to people associated with dubious theories. Conspiratorial movements should be avoided in order to build on more reliable foundations.

But to challenge Eric Duhaime? Ridiculously.

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