June 1, 2023

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Guy Nantel doesn’t drive a Porsche!

Guy Nantel doesn't drive a Porsche!

In Quebec, if you’re trying to silence someone, exclude them from decent society, all you have to do is call them an XX-phobe or XX-ist.

That is the end of the discussion, it is the condemnation of the silence, the cancellation.

destiny On stage, Guy Nantel wrote that he had “sinfully racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, classist and ageist speech”.

These are serious allegations.

We know that destiny Turned out to be a den of slightly awakened priests, but the show critic couldn’t help but see the second degree in the comedy show that was the finale.

His wife is not dead

Along with 1499 other people, I attended the show’s premiere last Tuesday If I understand you correctly, you are saying…

Guy Nantel stated that he would start an “equal” show because he despises everyone equally. Young cretins as old fools, polluters as environmentalists, PQ solidarity and conservatives, those who impose sanitation measures and those who challenge them. And he’s the one who laughs the most… that’s him! He returns with much humor on his failed bid to become PQ leader.

For an hour and a half, the drooling, slobbering character played by Nantel talks about enormous things: he goes so far as to insist that six billion people be wiped off the face of the earth. Even a six-year-old can understand that Nantel is no bloodthirsty eugenicist!

In the show, Guy mentions that his wife is dead. This is fiction! She sat in front of me in the room.

destiny Nantel calls him a “classist” (classist) because he contemptuously notes that other leadership aspirants park their Kias next to his Porsche. This is fiction! Guy Nantel drives a Porsche, but a 2017 Prius C (Toyota’s most economical hybrid).

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You might think I have a conflicting interest. Guy is a daily columnist on my QUB radio show. We are colleagues in the show An upside down world At VAT. And Guy is a close friend with whom I regularly share dinners (he cooks amazing spaghetti with pesto).

But even Nantel’s detractors loved his performance.

In the comedian’s dressing room, after the show, I saw Anne Casabon from PCQ. She came to congratulate Nantel for making him laugh out loud when he mocked anti-vaccination…

Casabon can understand the second degree.

Can you hire him? to have ?

She forced a smile

Nantel practices political and social humor. He takes a magnifying glass to exaggerate situations and caricatures. But in the end, it makes us reflect on: our environmental conflicts, our indifference to the elderly, etc.

But what Nantel wants us to think about most is our precariousness as a people, our inability to give ourselves a country.

Nantel is not “sad” or “bitter” about losing the leadership of the PQ. He was disappointed that we as a people did not choose to be “masters in our own house”.

And it’s not funny.