April 1, 2023

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Ottawa has spent $76 billion on pandemic programs for 2021-22

Ottawa has spent $76 billion on pandemic programs for 2021-22

Federal government spending and borrowing will total $76 billion in the second year of the pandemic, 2021-2022, the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) of Canada has calculated.

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Although the measures cost more, it is a much lower amount than the 2020-2021 Year: Canada Health Benefit. Canada spent $299 billion on programs related to the impacts of COVID-19, such as emergency (PCU).

By comparison, 2021-22 pandemic-related spending was 16% of federal program spending, compared to 49% for 2020-21.

“Overall, the OAG is satisfied with the reliability of the audited entities’ financial statements and has expressed an unmodified audit opinion on the Government of Canada’s 2021-2022 consolidated financial statements,” the minister explained. In a press release.

The OAG also noted a decrease in pay errors related to Phoenix system errors.

Last year, 28% of federal employees were paid with a miscalculation, and last year, this number rose to 47%.

As the office noted, “This finding is an improvement; However, the high percentage of errors is worrisome.”

However, the number of requests for employee intervention has increased. Adding these requests to previous years, the BVG recorded more than 100,000 requests for intervention, representing an overpayment of approximately $500 million.

“Government should take action to recover overpayments of wages, salaries or employment-related allowances and take timely action as, due to legal limitation periods, some recovery mechanisms may not be provided to the Government as part of its collection efforts.”

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